Context English Swedish State
OUI Database Download from IEEE Complete OUI databas nedladdning från IEEE Complete
OUI Database Download from IEEE FAILED OUI Database Download från IEEE FAILED
There were '%d' Entries Added/Updated in the database. Det fanns "% d" Inlägg tillagda / uppdaterade i databasen.
There were '%d' Records Removed from the database. Det fanns "% d" poster borttagna från databasen.
atifIndexes data collection complete AtifIndexes datainsamling slutförd
atPhysAddress data collection complete datapaketet AtPhysAddress komplett
atNetAddress data collection complete atNetAddress datainsamling slutförd
atEntries assembly complete. atEntries sammansättning kompletterad.
HOST: %s, IP address information collection complete HOST: %s, IP-adress informationssamling slutförd
Rescan Device Återcan-enhet
View Non Interface Graphs Visa gränssnitt
No Non Interface Graphs in Cacti Inga icke-gränssnittsdiagram i kaktusar
View Interface Graphs Visa gränssnitt
No Interface Graphs in Cacti Visa gränssnitt
Since Restart Sedan omstart
Down Nere
Up Uppe
Data Data
Voice Röst
Device Rescan '%s' Device Rescan ' %s'
Site scan '%s' Site Scan ' %s'
Device Enable '%s' Enhet Aktivera ' %s'
Device Disable '%d' Enhet Inaktivera "% d"
%d Minutes Var %d minut
%d Hours % d timmar
%d Days <ph id="mtc_1" equiv-text="base64:JWQ="/> Dagar
%d Weeks % d veckor
Not Recorded Inte inspelat
Status: Running, Processes: %d, Progress: %s, LastRuntime: %2.1f Status: Löpande, Processer:% d, Framsteg: %s, LastRuntime:% f
Status: Idle, LastRuntime: %2.1f seconds, Processes: %d processes, Devices: %d, Next Run Time: %s Status: Inaktiv, LastRuntime:% f sekunder, Processer:% d processer, Enheter:% d, Nästa körtid: %s
This translation Translated Cacti/mactrack Nere
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core Nere
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) Nere
Translated Cacti/flowview Nere
Translated Cacti/hmib Nere
Translated Cacti/mikrotik Nere
Translated Cacti/monitor Nere
Translated Cacti/thold Nere
Translated Cacti/webseer Nere
The following string has a different source, but the same context.
Translated Cacti/thold NER

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