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Deletable 可删除
Graphs Using 图形正在使用
Graph Template 图形模板
No Aggregate Templates Found 未找到聚合模板
You cannot use a previously entered password! 您不能使用以前输入的密码!
Your new passwords do not match, please retype. 您的新密码不匹配,请重新输入.
Your current password is not correct. Please try again. 您当前的密码不正确. 请再试一次.
Your new password cannot be the same as the old password. Please try again. 您的新密码不能与旧密码相同. 请再试一次.
Forced password change *** 强制修改密码 ***
Password requirements include: 密码要求包括:
Must be at least %d characters in length 必须至少有 %d 个字符的长度
Must include mixed case 必须包括混合的情况
Must include at least 1 number 必须包含至少1个数字
Must include at least 1 special character 必须包含至少1个特殊字符
Cannot be reused for %d password changes 最近 %d 次使用过的密码无法重复使用
There are problems with the Change Password page. Contact your Cacti administrator right away.
Change Password 更改密码
Please enter your current password and your new<br>Cacti password. 请输入您当前的密码和新的<br>Cacti 密码.
Please enter your new Cacti password. 请输入您的Cacti新密码.
Username 用户名
Current password 当前密码
New password 新密码
Confirm new password 确认新密码
Save 保存
Version %s | %s 版本 %s %s
Password Too Short 密码太短
Password Validation Passes 密码验证通过
Passwords do Not Match 密码不匹配
Passwords Match 密码匹配
Cacti no longer supports No Authentication mode. Please contact your System Administrator. 访问被拒绝,请联系Cacti 管理员.
Unable to determine user Login Realm or Domain. Please contact your System Administrator. 访问被拒绝,请联系Cacti 管理员.
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