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Give this account a meaningful name that will be displayed. 为此帐户提供一个有意义的名称,以便显示。
Username 用户名
The username that will be used for authentication. 将用于身份验证的用户名。
Password 密码
The password used for authentication. 用于身份验证的密码。
Enable Password Enable密码
Your Enable Password, if required. 您的Enable密码,如果需要。
Enable Device 启用设备
Uncheck this box to disabled this device from being backed up. 取消选中此框可禁用此设备的备份。
Description 描述
Name of this device (will be used for config saving and SVN if no hostname is present in config). 此设备的名称(如果配置中没有主机名,将用于配置保存和SVN)。
IP Address IP地址
This is the IP Address used to communicate with the device. 这是用于与设备通信的IP地址。
Directory 目录
This is the relative directory structure used to store the configs. 这是用于存储配置的相对目录结构。
Schedule 时间表
How often to Backup this device. 多久备份一次该设备。
Device Type 设备类型
Choose the type of device that the router is. 选择路由器的设备类型。
Auto-Detect 自动侦测
Connection Type 连接类型
This is the type of connection used to communicate with the device. 这是用于与设备通信的IP地址。
Authentication Account 认证帐户
Choose an account to use to Login to the router 选择一个帐户用于登录到路由器
Default timeout 默认超时
Default time to wait in seconds for a response 等待恢复的默认时间(以秒为单位)
Default sleep time 默认睡眠时间
Default time to sleep in microseconds (1/1,000,000th of a second) 默认睡眠时间(以毫秒为单位)(1 / 1,000,000秒)
Assume elevated 假设升高
Check this box to assume this device is always elevated 取消选中此框可禁用此设备的备份。
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