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Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Timespan 时间跨度
Align 对齐
Add Graphs to Report 添加图形到报告
You currently have no reports defined. 您目前没有定义报告.
Click 'Continue' to convert the following Aggregate Graph(s) into a normal Graph. 点击 '继续',将下面的聚合图形组合成一个聚合图形.
Convert to normal Graph(s) 转换为LINE1图形
Click 'Continue' to associate the following Graph(s) with the Aggregate Graph. 点击 '继续' 将以下图形与聚合图形相关联.
Associate Graph(s) 关联图
Click 'Continue' to disassociate the following Graph(s) from the Aggregate. 点击 '继续' 从聚合中取消关联以下图形.
Dis-Associate Graph(s) 分散关联图形
Click 'Continue' to place the following Aggregate Graph(s) under the Tree Branch. 点击 '继续',在树形分支下放置下面的聚合图形.
Destination Branch: 目标分支:
Place Graph(s) on Tree 放置图形到树
Graph Items [new] 图形项[新建]
Graph Items [edit: %s] 图形项目 [编辑: %s]
[edit: %s] [编辑: %s]
Aggregate Graph does not Exist 聚合图形设置
Details 详情
Items 项目
Preview 预览
Aggregate Graphs Accessed does not Exist 聚合图形设置
Turn Off Graph Debug Mode 关闭图形调试模式
Turn On Graph Debug Mode 打开图形调试模式
Show Item Details 显示项目详情
Aggregate Preview Does Not Exist 聚合预览 [%s]
Aggreage Graph does not Exist 聚合图形设置
Aggregate Preview %s 聚合预览 [%s]
RRDtool Command: RRDtool 命令:
Not Checked 未检查
RRDtool Says: RRDtool Says:
Aggregate Graph %s 综合图 '%s'
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