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Context English Swedish State
File: %s/%s Fil: %s / %s
Click 'Continue' to delete the following account(s). Klicka på "Fortsätt" för att radera följande konto (er).
Cancel Avbryt
Continue Fortsätt
Delete Device(s) Radera enhet (er)
You must select at least one device. Du måste välja minst en enhet.
Return Tillbaka
Account: [edit: %s] Konto: [redigera: %s]
Account: [new] Konto: [nytt]
Accounts Konton
Account Management Kontoinställningar
No Router Accounts Found Inga routerkonton hittades
Router Backups Router Backups
Any Vilken som helst
Search Sök
Default Standard
Go Start
Set/Refresh Filters Ställ in / uppdatera filter
Clear Rensa
Clear Filters Rensa filter
Hostname Värdnamn
Either an IP address, or hostname. If a hostname, it must be resolvable by either DNS, or from your hosts file. Antingen en IP-adress eller värdnamn. Om ett värdnamn måste det lösas antingen genom DNS eller från din värdfil.
The internal database ID for this Device. Useful when performing automation or debugging. Det interna databas-ID för denna enhet. Användbar vid automatisering eller felsökning.
Functions Funktioner
Perform functions against this backup Utför funktioner mot denna säkerhetskopia
The directory of the stored device backups Antalet dagar för att behålla gamla backup.
Backup Time Backuptid
The last Backup time of the device Hur ofta säkerhetskopieras den här enheten.
Last Change Sista ändring
The last Change time of the device Enhetens senaste ändringstid
This translation Translated Cacti/routerconfigs Standard
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/audit Standard
Translated Cacti/core Standard
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) Standard
Translated Cacti/flowview Standard
Translated Cacti/gexport Standard
Translated Cacti/hmib Standard
Translated Cacti/mactrack Standard
Translated Cacti/maint Standard
Translated Cacti/mikrotik Standard
Translated Cacti/monitor Standard
Translated Cacti/reportit Standard
Translated Cacti/syslog Standard
Translated Cacti/thold Standard
Translated Cacti/webseer Standard
Translated Cacti/wmi Standard
The following strings have different sources, but the same context.
Translated Cacti/core standard

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Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) standard

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