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The valid URL to use for this external link. Must include the type, for example Note that many websites do not allow them to be embedded in an iframe from a foreign site, and therefore External Linking may not work. 用於此外部鏈接的有效URL。必須包含類型,例如。請注意,許多網站不允許將它們嵌入到外部網站的iframe中,因此外部鏈接可能無法正常工作。
If checked, the page will be available immediately to the admin user. 如果選中,該頁面將立即可供管理員用戶使用。
Automatic Page Refresh 自動頁面刷新
How often do you wish this page to be refreshed automatically. 您希望自動刷新此頁面的頻率。
External Links [edit: %s] 外部鏈接[編輯:%s]
External Links [new] 外部鏈接[新]
Logout of Cacti 退出仙人掌
Automatic Logout 自動註銷
You have been logged out of Cacti due to a session timeout. 由於會話超時,您已退出Cacti。
Please close your browser or %sLogin Again%s 請關閉瀏覽器或%s登錄再次%s
Version %s 版本 %s
You have been logged out of Cacti due to an account suspension. 由於會話超時,您已退出Cacti。
Notifications 通知
SNMP Notification Receivers SNMP通知接收器
Receivers 寄送群組
No SNMP Notification Receivers 沒有SNMP通知接收器
SNMP Notification Receiver [edit: %s] SNMP通知接收器[編輯:%s]
SNMP Notification Receiver [new] SNMP通知接收器[新]
Kind 屬性
Max-Access 最大權限
Monitored 監控
No SNMP Notifications 沒有SNMP通知
Severity 重要性
Purge Notification Log 清除通知日誌
Time 時間
Notification 通知
Varbinds 變量綁定
Severity Level 嚴重程度
This translation Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) ID
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core ID
Translated Cacti/reportit ID
The following strings have different sources, but the same context.
Translated Cacti/core ID
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) ID
Translated Cacti/flowview ID
Translated Cacti/gexport ID
Translated Cacti/maint ID
Translated Cacti/reportit ID
Translated Cacti/routerconfigs ID
Translated Cacti/thold ID
Translated Cacti/wmi ID


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