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Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Enabled 啟用
Should this Query be enabled on hosts using it 是否應在使用該查詢的主機上啟用該查詢
Namespace Namespace
The Namespace for this Query. 此查詢的命名空間。
Query 查詢
The Query to execute for gathering WMI data from the device. 執行以從設備收集WMI數據的查詢。
Primary Key 首要的關鍵
When a WMI Query returns multiple rows, which Keyname will be the primary key or index? If the Primary Key includes multiple columns, separate them with a comma. 當WMI查詢返回多行時,哪個Keyname是主鍵或索引?如果主鍵包含多個列,請用逗號分隔它們。
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following WMI Queries. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下WMI查詢。
You must select at least one WMI Query. 您必須至少選擇一個WMI查詢。
Return 返回
Delete WMI Query 刪除WMI查詢
Query [edit: %s] 查詢[編輯:%s]
Query [new] 查詢[新]
Has Graphs 有圖
Frequency 頻率
WQL Query WQL查詢
Get Computer Information 獲取計算機信息
Get System Processes 獲取系統進程
Get Installed Software 獲取安裝的軟件
Get Operating System Information 獲取操作系統信息
Get OD Service Information 獲取OD服務信息
Get System Enclosure Information 獲取系統機箱信息
Get System Physical Memory Information 獲取系統物理內存信息
Get Memory Device Details 獲取內存設備詳細信息
Get System BIOS Information 獲取系統BIOS信息
Get System Baseboard Information 獲取系統底板信息
Get Processor Information 獲取處理器信息
Ping a Known Address from Computer 從計算機ping已知地址
Get Row System OS Performance Data 獲取行系統操作系統性能數據
This translation Translated Cacti/wmi ID
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core ID
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) ID
Translated Cacti/flowview ID
Translated Cacti/gexport ID
Translated Cacti/maint ID
Translated Cacti/reportit ID
Translated Cacti/routerconfigs ID
Translated Cacti/thold ID
The following strings have different sources, but the same context.
Translated Cacti/core ID
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) ID
Translated Cacti/reportit ID


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