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Strip Domains 剝離域
A comma delimited list of domains that you wish to remove from the syslog hostname, Examples would be ',' 您希望從syslog主機名中刪除的以逗號分隔的域列表,例如','
Validate Hostnames 驗證主機名
If this checkbox is set, all hostnames are validated. If the hostname is not valid. All records are assigned to a special host called 'invalidhost'. This setting can impact syslog processing time on large systems. Therefore, use of this setting should only be used when other means are not in place to prevent this from happening. 如果設置了此復選框,則驗證所有主機名。如果主機名無效。所有記錄都分配給名為“invalidhost”的特殊主機。此設置可能會影響大型系統上的syslog處理時間。因此,只有在沒有其他方法可以防止這種情況發生時,才應使用此設置。
Refresh Interval 刷新間隔
This is the time in seconds before the page refreshes. 這是頁面刷新前的秒數。
Max Report Records 最大報告記錄
For Threshold based Alerts, what is the maximum number that you wish to show in the report. This is used to limit the size of the html log and Email. 對於基於閾值的警報,您希望在報告中顯示的最大數量是多少。這用於限制html日誌和電子郵件的大小。
%d Records %d記錄
Syslog Retention Syslog保留
This is the number of days to keep events. 這是保留事件的天數。
Syslog Alert Retention 系統日誌警報保留
This is the number of days to keep alert logs. 這是保留警報日誌的天數。
Command for Opening Tickets 打開門票的命令
This command will be executed for opening Help Desk Tickets. The command will be required to parse multiple input parameters as follows: <b>--alert-name</b>, <b>--severity</b>, <b>--hostlist</b>, <b>--message</b>. The hostlist will be a comma delimited list of hosts impacted by the alert. 將執行此命令以打開幫助台票證。該命令將需要解析多個輸入參數如下<b>:--alert名</b> <b><b><b>,--severity,--hostlist,--message。</b></b></b>主機列表將是受警報影響的逗號分隔的主機列表。
Delete 刪除
Disable 停用
Enable 啟用
Export 匯出
Indefinite 未定
%d Day %d 天
%d Days %d 天
%d Week %d週
%d Weeks %d週
%d Month %d月
%d Months %d個月
%d Year %d年
Never 從不
%d Minute %d 分鐘
%d Minutes %d 分鐘
Notice 通知
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Propagated Translated Cacti/wmi
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Propagated Translated Cacti/monitor
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
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