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Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
The Average and Maximum Collector timings for this Data Collector. 此Data Collector的Average和Maximum Collector時序。
The number of Devices associated with this Data Collector. 與此Data Collector關聯的設備數。
The number of SNMP gets associated with this Collector. SNMP的數量與此收集器關聯。
Scripts 劇本
The number of script calls associated with this Data Collector. 與此Data Collector關聯的腳本調用數。
Servers 服務器
The number of script server calls associated with this Data Collector. 與此Data Collector關聯的腳本服務器調用數。
Last Finished 最後完成
The last time this Data Collector completed. 此Data Collector最後一次完成。
Last Update 最後更新
The last time this Data Collector checked in with the main Cacti site. 此數據收集器最後一次使用主Cacti站點簽入。
Last Sync 上次同步
The last time this Data Collector was full synced with main Cacti site. 此數據收集器最後一次與主Cacti站點完全同步。
No Data Collectors Found 找不到數據收集器
dropdown action Delete 刪除
dropdown action Archive 檔案
RRD Files RRD文件
RRD File Name RRD文件名
DS Name DS 名稱
Template ID 主題 ID
Last Modified 最後修改
Size [KB] 大小[KB]
Deleted 已刪除
No unused RRD Files 沒有未使用的RRD文件
Total Size [MB]: 總大小[MB]:
Last Scan: 上次掃描:
Time Since Update 更新後的時間
RRDfiles RRDfiles
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This translation Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 刪除
The following string has the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core 刪除
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Cacti/core 刪除
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 刪除
Translated Cacti/flowview 刪除
Translated Cacti/gexport 刪除
Translated Cacti/gpsmaps 刪除
Translated Cacti/hmib 刪除
Translated Cacti/mactrack 刪除
Translated Cacti/maint 刪除
Translated Cacti/mikrotik 刪除
Translated Cacti/monitor 刪除
Translated Cacti/reportit 刪除
Translated Cacti/routerconfigs 刪除
Translated Cacti/syslog 刪除
Translated Cacti/thold 刪除
Translated Cacti/webseer 刪除
Translated Cacti/wmi 刪除


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