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You must select at least one measurand.
Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Choose 'enable' if this measurand will only have one result in total instead of one for every Data Source Item. It's result<br>will be shown separately. Use this option in combination with "Visible" = "off" if you are looking for a measurand keeping an interim result only that should be reused within the calculation of other measurands without being visible for end users. 如果此被測量項總共只有一個結果,而不是每個數據源項一個,則選擇“啟用”。結果<br>將分別顯示。如果您要查找被測量方,並且僅保留應在其他被測量方的計算中重用而最終用戶不可見的中期結果,則將該選項與“ Visible” =“ off”結合使用。
Formatting 格式設定
Type 類型
Defines as what type the data should be treated as. 定義應將數據視為哪種類型。
Precision 精度
Defines how many decimal digits should be displayed for floating-point numbers. 定義應為浮點數顯示多少個十進制數字。
Prefixes SI前綴
Choose the type of prefix beeing used to format the result. With the use of decimal prefixes '1024' will be formatted to '1.024k' while the binary prefixes option returns '1ki'. Select 'off' to display the raw data, here '1024'. 選擇用於格式化結果的前綴蜂的類型。使用十進制前綴時,“ 1024”將被格式化為“ 1.024k”,而二進制前綴選項將返回“ 1ki”。選擇“關閉”以顯示原始數據,此處為“ 1024”。
Formula 計算公式
The mathematical definion of this measurand. Allowed are all combinations of operators and operands listed below following the rules of mathematics. Use round and square brackets to signify complex terms and the order of operations. 此被測對象的數學定義。遵循數學規則,下面列出的運算符和操作數的所有組合都是允許的。使用圓括號和方括號表示複雜的術語和操作順序。
Operators & Operands 客服人員
Click on one of the listed operators or operand to append them to your calucalion formula. The tooltip will show you additional information like description, return value, arguments and usage. 單擊列出的運算符或操作數之一,將其附加到計算公式中。工具提示將為您顯示其他信息,例如描述,返回值,參數和用法。
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Measurands. Notice: If there are no other Measurands left after this process, the Report Template will be locked automatically. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下被測量者。注意:如果在此過程之後沒有其他被測量物,則報告模板將被自動鎖定。
List of selected measurands: 所選報告清單:
Measurand: %s 被測量
You must select at least one measurand. 您必須至少選擇一個報告。
Cancel 取消
Continue 繼續
Delete Template Measurands 刪除報告模板
New Report 新的報表
There are no unlocked and enabled report templates available (%s locked or disabled). 沒有可用的報告模板。
Create a new report 創建一個新報告
Choose a template this report should depend on. 選擇此報告應依賴的模板。
Report Filters 報告篩選
Period %s from - to 期間%s從 - 到
Last run %s 最近執行
Runtime [s] 運行時間
Scheduled 已排程
Data Items 數據項


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