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Type प्रकार
Defines as what type the data should be treated as.
Defines how many decimal digits should be displayed for floating-point numbers.
Prefixes एसआई-उपसर्गों
Choose the type of prefix beeing used to format the result. With the use of decimal prefixes '1024' will be formatted to '1.024k' while the binary prefixes option returns '1ki'. Select 'off' to display the raw data, here '1024'.
The mathematical definion of this measurand. Allowed are all combinations of operators and operands listed below following the rules of mathematics. Use round and square brackets to signify complex terms and the order of operations.
Operators & Operands ऑपरेटर्स
Click on one of the listed operators or operand to append them to your calucalion formula. The tooltip will show you additional information like description, return value, arguments and usage.
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Measurands. Notice: If there are no other Measurands left after this process, the Report Template will be locked automatically.
List of selected measurands: चयनित रिपोर्ट की सूची:
Measurand: %s Measurands
You must select at least one measurand. आपको कम से कम एक रिपोर्ट का चयन करना होगा।
Cancel कैंसिल करें
Continue जारी रखें
Delete Template Measurands रिपोर्ट टेम्पलेट हटाएं
New Report नया रिपोर्ट
There are no unlocked and enabled report templates available (%s locked or disabled). कोई रिपोर्ट टेम्पलेट उपलब्ध नहीं हैं।
Create a new report एक नई रिपोर्ट बनाएँ
Choose a template this report should depend on. एक टेम्प्लेट चुनें जो इस रिपोर्ट पर निर्भर होना चाहिए।
Report Filters रिपोर्ट फ़िल्टर
Period %s from - to पीरियड %s से - को
Last run %s आखरी बार
Runtime [s] क्रम
Scheduled अनुसूचित
Data Items डेटा आइटम
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Needs editing Cacti/reportit
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Cacti/syslog
Translated Cacti/core
Propagated Translated Cacti/monitor
Translated Cacti/gexport
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/maint
Propagated Translated Cacti/mactrack
Propagated Needs editing Cacti/thold
Propagated Translated Cacti/hmib
Translated Cacti/webseer
Propagated Translated Cacti/routerconfigs
Translated Cacti/wmi
Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview


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