Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Warning 警告
Last Fail 最後的失敗
Admin 管理員
Notes 備註
Devices 設備
Description: 描述:
Hostname: 主機名稱:
Cacti Monitor Plugin Ping Threshold Notification Cacti Monitor插件Ping閾值通知
The following report will identify Devices that have eclipsed their ping latency thresholds. You are receiving this report since you are subscribed to a Device associated with the Cacti system located at the following URL below. 以下報告將識別已超過其ping延遲閾值的設備。您收到此報告,因為您訂閱了與位於以下URL的Cacti系統相關聯的設備。
Cacti Monitoring Site 更改監控選項
You will receive notifications every %d minutes if the Device is above its threshold. 如果設備高於其閾值,您將每隔%d分鐘收到通知。
You will receive notifications every time the Device is above its threshold. 每次設備高於其閾值時,您都會收到通知。
The following Devices have breached their Alert Notification Threshold. 以下設備已違反其警報通知閾值。
Current Ping 目前的Ping
The following Devices have breached their Warning Notification Threshold. 以下設備已違反其警告通知閾值。
Any 任何
Click 'Continue' to %s monitoring on these Device(s) 點擊“繼續”以對這些設備進行%s監控
Click 'Continue' to Change the Monitoring settings for the following Device(s). Remember to check 'Update this Field' to indicate which columns to update. 單擊“繼續”以更改以下設備的監控設置。請記得選中“更新此字段”以指明要更新的列。
Update this Field 更新此字段
Change Monitoring Options 更改監控選項
Enable Monitoring 啟用監控
Disable Monitoring 禁用監控
Indefinately 無限期地
%d Month %d月
%d Months %d個月
%d Year %d年
Normal User 普通用戶
Monitor Settings 監控設置
Alarm Sound 鬧鈴聲
This is the sound file that will be played when a Device goes down. 這是設備發生故障時播放的聲音文件。
This translation Translated Cacti/monitor 任何
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core 任何
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 任何
Translated Cacti/mactrack 任何
Translated Cacti/maint 任何
Translated Cacti/reportit 任何
Translated Cacti/routerconfigs 任何
Translated Cacti/thold 任何
Translated Cacti/webseer 任何


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