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MikroTik Wireless Collection Frequencies MikroTik無線收集頻率
Wireless HotSpot Users Frequency 無線HotSpot用戶頻率
How often do you want to scan Wireless User Statistics? Select <b>Disabled</b> to remove this feature. 您希望多久掃描一次無線用戶統計信息?選擇<b>已禁用</b>以刪除此功能。
Wireless Access Point Frequency 無線接入點頻率
How often do you want to scan the Wireless Access Points? Select <b>Disabled</b> to remove this feature. 您希望多久掃描一次無線接入點?選擇<b>已禁用</b>以刪除此功能。
Wireless Registrations Frequency 無線註冊頻率
How often do you want to scan the Wireless Registrations? Select <b>Disabled</b> to remove this feature. 您希望多久掃描一次無線註冊?選擇<b>已禁用</b>以刪除此功能。
Wireless Stations Frequency 無線電台頻率
How often do you want to scan the Wireless Stations? Select <b>Disabled</b> to remove this feature. 您希望多久掃描一次無線電台?選擇<b>已禁用</b>以刪除此功能。
Management 管理
Normal User 普通用戶
General Administration 總務局
%d Minute %d 分鐘
Indefinite 未定
%d Week %d週
%d Weeks %d週
%d Months %d個月
%d Year %d年
Simple Queues 簡單的隊列
Storage 儲存空間
(edit) (編輯)
Graphs Skipped by Rule, or Not Created 按規則跳過或未創建的圖形
MikroTik Credentials MikroTik證書
Read Only User 只讀用戶
Provide a read only username for the MikroTik. 為MikroTik提供只讀用戶名。
Password 密碼
Provide the read only username password for this MikroTik. 提供此MikroTik的只讀用戶名密碼。
Connection Result 連接結果
Ok if Cacti can connect to the MikroTik over its API port. 好的,如果Cacti可以通過其API端口連接到MikroTik。
Connection Failed 連線失敗
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Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)


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