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Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate devices, only the data you specify will be updated. 因此,如果您嘗試導入重複的設備,則只會更新您指定的數據。
HEADER LINE PROCESSED OK: <br>Columns found where: %s HEADER LINE PROCESSED OK: <br>列中找到:%s
INSERT SUCCEEDED: Hostname: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s INSERT SUCCEEDED:主機名:SiteID:%s,設備名稱:%s,主機名%s,SNMP端口:%s
INSERT FAILED: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s INSERT FAILED:SiteID:%s,設備名稱:%s,主機名%s,SNMP端口:%s
INSERT SKIPPED, EXISTING: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s INSERT SKIPPED,EXISTING:SiteID:%s,設備名稱:%s,主機名%s,SNMP端口:%s
Device Tracking Devices [edit: %s] 設備跟踪設備[編輯:%s]
Device Tracking Devices [new] 設備跟踪設備[新]
SNMP Information SNMP信息
System: 取得系統報表
Uptime: 運行時間
Hostname: 主機名稱:
ObjectID: 對象ID:
Device Tracking Device Filters 設備跟踪設備過濾器
Device Name 設備名稱
Site Name 網站名稱
Status 狀態
Hostname 主機名稱
Total IPs 總IP數
User Ports 用戶端口
User Ports Up 用戶端口Up
Trunk Ports 中繼端口
Active Macs 有源Mac
Last Duration 上次持續時間
No Device Tracking Devices 沒有設備跟踪設備
Error 錯誤
No Cacti Link 沒有Cacti Link
You must select at least one Authorized Mac to delete. 您必須至少選擇一個要刪除的授權Mac。
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Authorized Mac's? 點擊“繼續”刪除以下授權的Mac?
Device Tracking MacAuth [edit: %s] 設備跟踪MacAuth [編輯:%s]
Device Tracking MacAuth [new] 設備跟踪MacAuth [新]
This translation Translated Cacti/mactrack 狀態
The following strings have the same context and source.
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Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 狀態
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Translated Cacti/hmib 狀態
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Translated Cacti/monitor 狀態
Translated Cacti/thold 狀態
Translated Cacti/webseer 狀態
Translated Cacti/wmi 狀態


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