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English Chinese (Traditional)
OUI Database Download from IEEE FAILED 從FAILED下載OUI數據庫
There were '%d' Entries Added/Updated in the database. 數據庫中添加/更新了'%d'個條目。
There were '%d' Records Removed from the database. 從數據庫中刪除了'%d'記錄。
atifIndexes data collection complete atifIndexes數據收集完成
atPhysAddress data collection complete atPhysAddress數據收集完成
atNetAddress data collection complete atNetAddress數據收集完成
atEntries assembly complete. atEntries裝配完成。
HOST: %s, IP address information collection complete 主機:%s,IP地址信息收集完成
Rescan Device 重新掃描設備
View Non Interface Graphs 查看接口
No Non Interface Graphs in Cacti 仙人掌中沒有非接口圖
View Interface Graphs 查看接口
No Interface Graphs in Cacti 查看接口
Since Restart 自重啟以來
Down 向下
Up 向上
Data 數據
Voice 語音
Device Rescan '%s' 設備重新掃描'%s'
Site scan '%s' 網站掃描'%s'
Device Enable '%s' 設備啟用'%s'
Device Disable '%d' 設備禁用'%d'
N/A 不适用
%d Minutes %d 分鐘
%d Hours %d 小時
%d Days %d 天
%d Weeks %d週
Not Recorded 沒有記錄
Status: Running, Processes: %d, Progress: %s, LastRuntime: %2.1f 狀態:正在運行,進程:%d,進度:%s,LastRuntime:%f
Status: Idle, LastRuntime: %2.1f seconds, Processes: %d processes, Devices: %d, Next Run Time: %s 狀態:空閒,LastRuntime:%f秒,進程:%d進程,設備:%d,下次運行時間:%s
Disabled 停用
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Cacti/mactrack
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Cacti/hmib
Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Propagated Translated Cacti/thold
Propagated Translated Cacti/monitor
Propagated Translated Cacti/webseer
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/core


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