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Enter the secondary DNS IP Address to utilize for reverse lookups. 输入辅助DNS IP地址以用于反向查找。
DNS Timeout DNS超时
Please enter the DNS timeout in milliseconds. Device Tracking uses a PHP based DNS resolver. 请输入以毫秒为单位的DNS超时值。 MacTrack使用基于PHP的DNS解析器。
DNS Prime Interval DNS Prime间隔
How often, in seconds do Device Tracking scanning IP's need to be resolved to MAC addresses for DNS resolution. Using a larger number when you have several thousand devices will increase performance. 几秒钟内,MacTrack扫描IP需要被解析为MAC地址以进行DNS解析。 当你有几千个设备时使用更大的数字将会提高性能。
Notification Settings 通知设置
Source Address 源地址
The source Email address for Device Tracking Emails. MacTrack电子邮件的源电子邮件地址。
Source Email Name 源邮件名称
The Source Email name for Device Tracking Emails. MacTrack电子邮件的源电子邮件名称。
MACTrack Administrator MACTrack管理员
MacWatch Default Body MacWatch默认主体
The Email body preset for Device Tracking MacWatch Emails. The body can contain any valid html tags. It also supports replacement tags that will be processed when sending an Email. Valid tags include <IP>, <MAC>, <TICKET>, <SITENAME>, <DEVICEIP>, <PORTNAME>, <PORTNUMBER>, <DEVICENAME>. 电子邮件正文为MacTrack MacWatch电子邮件预设。 正文可以包含任何有效的html标签。 它还支持发送电子邮件时将要处理的替换标签。 有效标签包括<IP>, <MAC>, <TICKET>, <SITENAME>, <DEVICEIP>, <PORTNAME>, <PORTNUMBER>, <DEVICENAME>.
Mac Address <MAC> found at IP Address <IP> for Ticket Number: <TICKET>.<br>The device is located at<br>Site: <SITENAME>, Device <DEVICENAME>, IP <DEVICEIP>, Port <PORTNUMBER>, and Port Name <PORTNAME> MAC地址 <MAC>在IP地址 <IP> 处找到,用于票证号码: <TICKET>.<br>设备位于<br>站点: <SITENAME>,设备 <DEVICENAME>, IP <DEVICEIP>, 端口 <PORTNUMBER>,和端口名称 <PORTNAME>
MacAuth Report Email Addresses MacAuth报告电子邮件地址
A comma delimited list of users to receive the MacAuth Email notifications. 以逗号分隔的用户列表,以接收MacAuth电子邮件通知。
MacAuth Report Frequency MacAuth报告频率
How often will the MacAuth Reports be Emailed. MacAuth报告多长时间通过电子邮件发送。
Device Tracking ArpWatch Settings MacTrack ArpWatch设置
Enable ArpWatch 启用ArpWatch
Should Device Tracking also use ArpWatch data to supplement Mac to IP/DNS resolution? MacTrack是否也使用ArpWatch数据来补充Mac到IP / DNS的解析?
ArpWatch Database Path ArpWatch数据库路径
The location of the ArpWatch Database file on the Cacti server. ArpWatch数据库文件在Cacti服务器上的位置。
SNMP Presets SNMP预设
Update Policy for SNMP Options SNMP选项的更新策略
Policy for synchronization of SNMP Options between Cacti devices and Device Tracking Devices. 用于在Cacti设备和MacTrack设备之间同步SNMP选项的策略。
Default SNMP version for all new hosts. 所有新主机的默认SNMP版本。
Default SNMP read community for all new hosts. 默认SNMP读取所有新主机的社区。
Communities 团体字符串
Fill in the list of available SNMP read strings to test for this device. Each read string must be separated by a colon ':'. These read strings will be tested sequentially if the primary read string is invalid. 填写可用的SNMP读取字符串列表以测试此设备。 每个读取的字符串必须用冒号':'分隔。 如果主读取字符串无效,这些读取的字符串将依次测试。
The UDP/TCP Port to poll the SNMP agent on. 用于轮询SNMP代理的UDP / TCP端口。


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