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General Settings 通用设置
Scanning Frequency 扫描频率
Choose when to collect MAC and IP Addresses and Interface statistics from your network devices. 选择何时从您的网络设备收集MAC和IP地址以及接口统计信息。
Concurrent Processes 并发进程
Specify how many devices will be polled simultaneously until all devices have been polled. 指定在轮询所有设备之前同时轮询多少个设备。
Scanner Max Runtime 扫描仪最大运行时间
Specify the number of minutes a device scanning function will be allowed to run prior to the system assuming it has been completed. This setting will correct for abended scanning jobs. 指定设备扫描功能允许在系统假设完成之前运行的分钟数。 此设置将纠正已被删除的扫描作业。
Start Time for Data Collection 数据收集的开始时间
When would you like the first data collection to take place. All future data collection times will be based upon this start time. A good example would be 12:00AM. 您什么时候想要收集第一批数据? 所有未来的数据收集时间将基于这个开始时间。 一个很好的例子是上午12:00。
Database Maintenance Time 数据库维护时间
When should old database records be removed from the database. Please note that no access will be permitted to the port database while this action is taking place. 什么时候应该从数据库中删除旧的数据库记录。 请注意,在进行此操作时,不允许访问端口数据库。
Confirm Utilities Prompt 确认实用程序提示
When using utilities, prompt for verification 使用实用程序时,提示进行验证
Data Retention 数据保留
How long should port MAC details be retained in the database. 端口MAC细节应保留多长时间在数据库中。
Data Retention IPs 数据保留
How long should discovered IPs details be retained in the database. 端口MAC细节应保留多长时间在数据库中。
Switch Level Ignore Ports Delimiter 切换级别忽略端口分隔符
What delimiter should Device Tracking use when parsing the Ignore Ports string for each switch. 解析每个交换机的Ignore Ports字符串时,MacTrack应使用什么分隔符。
Auto Detect 自动侦测
Colon [:] 冒号[:]
Pipe [|] 管道[|]
Space [ ] 空格 [ ]
Mac Address Delimiter Mac地址分隔符
How should each octet of the MAC address be delimited. 每个MAC地址的八位字节应该如何分隔。
Dash [-] 短横 [-]
Ports to Ignore 端口忽略
Provide a regular expression of ifNames or ifDescriptions of ports to ignore in the interface list. For example, (Vlan|Loopback|Null). 提供接口列表中要忽略的ifNames或ifDescriptions的正则表达式。 例如,(Vlan | Loopback | Null)。
Bandwidth Usage Threshold 带宽使用阈值
When reviewing network interface statistics, what bandwidth threshold do you want to view by default. 在查看网络接口统计信息时,默认情况下要查看哪个带宽阈值。
%d Percent 百分之%d


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