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MacWatch Default Body
The Email body preset for Device Tracking MacWatch Emails. The body can contain any valid html tags. It also supports replacement tags that will be processed when sending an Email. Valid tags include <IP>, <MAC>, <TICKET>, <SITENAME>, <DEVICEIP>, <PORTNAME>, <PORTNUMBER>, <DEVICENAME>.
Mac Address <MAC> found at IP Address <IP> for Ticket Number: <TICKET>.<br>The device is located at<br>Site: <SITENAME>, Device <DEVICENAME>, IP <DEVICEIP>, Port <PORTNUMBER>, and Port Name <PORTNAME>
MacAuth Report Email Addresses
A comma delimited list of users to recieve the MacAuth Email notifications.
MacAuth Report Frequency
How often will the MacAuth Reports be Emailed.
Device Tracking ArpWatch Settings
Enable ArpWatch
Should Device Tracking also use ArpWatch data to supplement Mac to IP/DNS resolution?
ArpWatch Database Path
The location of the ArpWatch Database file on the Cacti server.
SNMP Presets
Update Policy for SNMP Options
Policy for synchronization of SNMP Options between Cacti devices and Device Tracking Devices.
Default SNMP version for all new hosts.
Default SNMP read community for all new hosts.
Fill in the list of available SNMP read strings to test for this device. Each read string must be separated by a colon ':'. These read strings will be tested sequentially if the primary read string is invalid.
The UDP/TCP Port to poll the SNMP agent on.
Default SNMP timeout in milli-seconds.
The number times the SNMP poller will attempt to reach the host before failing.
snmpbulkwalk Binary Path
The path to your snmpbulkwalk binary.
MacTrack Settings
Default Tab
Which MacTrack tab would you want to be your Default tab every time you goto the MacTrack second.
IP Addresses
Mac Addresses
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Device Tracking Devices


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