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Context English State
Auto Detect
Colon [:]
Pipe [|]
Space [ ]
Mac Address Delimiter
How should each octet of the MAC address be delimited.
Dash [-]
Ports to Ignore
Provide a regular expression of ifNames or ifDescriptions of ports to ignore in the interface list. For example, (Vlan|Loopback|Null).
Bandwidth Usage Threshold
When reviewing network interface statistics, what bandwidth threshold do you want to view by default.
%d Percent
DNS Settings
Perform Reverse DNS Name Resolution
Should Device Tracking perform reverse DNS lookup of the IP addresses associated with ports. CAUTION: If DNS is not properly setup, this will slow scan time significantly.
Primary DNS IP Address
Enter the primary DNS IP Address to utilize for reverse lookups.
Secondary DNS IP Address
Enter the secondary DNS IP Address to utilize for reverse lookups.
DNS Timeout
Please enter the DNS timeout in milliseconds. Device Tracking uses a PHP based DNS resolver.
DNS Prime Interval
How often, in seconds do Device Tracking scanning IP's need to be resolved to MAC addresses for DNS resolution. Using a larger number when you have several thousand devices will increase performance.
Notification Settings
Source Address
The source Email address for Device Tracking Emails.
Source Email Name
The Source Email name for Device Tracking Emails.
MACTrack Administrator
MacWatch Default Body
The Email body preset for Device Tracking MacWatch Emails. The body can contain any valid html tags. It also supports replacement tags that will be processed when sending an Email. Valid tags include <IP>, <MAC>, <TICKET>, <SITENAME>, <DEVICEIP>, <PORTNAME>, <PORTNUMBER>, <DEVICENAME>.
This translation Translated Cacti/mactrack Primary DNS IP Address
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated Cacti/core Primary DNS IP Address
Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x) Primary DNS IP Address


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