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Cacti Device Tracking System Utilities
Process Status Information
View Device Tracking Process Status
This option will let you show and set process information associated with the Device Tracking polling process.
Database Administration
Perform Database Maintenance
Deletes expired Port to MAC to IP associations from the database. Only records that have expired, based upon your criteria are removed.
Refresh IEEE Vendor MAC/OUI Database
This function will download and install the latest OIU database from the IEEE Website. Each Network Interface Card (NIC) has a MAC Address. The MAC Address can be broken into two parts. The first part of the MAC Addess contains the Vendor MAC. The Vendor MAC identifies who manufactured the part. This will be helpful in spot checking for rogue devices on your network.
Refresh Scanning Functions
Deletes old and potentially stale Device Tracking scanning functions from the drop-down you receive when you edit a device type.
Remove All Scan Results
Deletes <strong>ALL</strong> Port to MAC to IP associations from the database all IP Addresses, IP Ranges, and VLANS. This utility is good when you want to start over. <strong>DANGER: All prior data is deleted.</strong>
Aggregated Table Administration
Remove All Aggregated Results
Deletes ALL <strong>Aggregated</strong> (Not Scan Results) Port to MAC to IP associations from the database. Data will again be collected on the basis of <strong>only new</strong> scanned data in the next mactrack poller run.
Perform Aggregate Table Rebuild
Deletes ALL <strong>Aggregated</strong> (Not Scan Results) Port to MAC to IP associations from the database and their re-creation based on <strong>All scaned data</strong> now.
Device Tracking Vendor Mac Filter
Vendor MAC
Vendor Macs
No Device Tracking Vendor MACS Found
Device Tracking - ARP/IP View
Switch Name
Switch Hostname
ED IP Address
ED DNS Hostname
ED MAC Address
Vendor Name


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