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Expand Devices/Sites
This setting determines if Tree Devices and Site Templates and Devices will be expanded or not. If set to expanded, each host will have a sub-folder containing either Graph Templates or Data Query items.
The Site for Cacti Graphs to be Exported from.
Graph Thumbnail Width
The default width of Thumbnail Graphs in pixels.
Graph Thumbnail Height
The height of Thumbnail Graphs in pixels.
Default View Thumbnails
Check this if you want the default Graph View to be in Thumbnail mode.
Default Graph Columns
The number of columns to use by default when displaying Graphs.
Graphs Per Page
Choose the number of Graphs Per Page to display.
Maximum Graphs to Export
After this number is reached, an error will be generated, but exporting will continue. Set to 0 for no limit.
Export Location Information
Export Thumbnails
Check this if you want the export thumbnails mode.
Clear Directory
Check this Checkbox if you wish this Graph Export to clear the final directory before populating.
Export Directory
This is the directory, either on the local system or on the remote system, that will contain the exported data.
Local Scratch Directory
This is the directory that Cacti will temporarily store output prior to sending to the remote site via the transfer method. The contents of this directory will be deleted after the data is transferred.
Remote Options
Sanitize remote directory
Check this if you want to delete any existing files in the FTP remote directory. This option is in use only when using the PHP built-in ftp functions.
Remote Host
Denotes the host to send Exported Graphs to.


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