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How often to send this NetFlow Report? 發送此NetFlow報告的頻率如何?
This is the first date / time to send the NetFlow Scan email. All future Emails will be calculated off of this time plus the interval given above. 這是發送NetFlow Scan電子郵件的第一個日期/時間。所有未來的電子郵件將根據此時間加上上面給出的間隔計算出來。
Email Addresses 電子郵件信箱
Email addresses (command delimited) to send this NetFlow Scan to. 用於發送此NetFlow Scan的電子郵件地址(命令分隔)。
Format File to Use 格式化要使用的文件
Choose the custom html wrapper and CSS file to use. This file contains both html and CSS to wrap around your report. If it contains more than simply CSS, you need to place a special <REPORT> tag inside of the file. This format tag will be replaced by the report content. These files are located in the 'formats' directory. 選擇要使用的自定義html包裝器和CSS文件。此文件包含html和CSS,用於包裝報表。如果它包含的不只是CSS,則需要放置一個特殊的<REPORT>文件內部的標籤。此格式標籤將由報告內容替換。這些文件位於“格式”目錄中。
Sent Scheduled Report %s in Background. 已在後台發送預定報告%s。
Reports will arrive once Complete. 一旦完成,報告將到達。
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Schedule(s). 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下計劃。
Click 'Continue' to send the following Schedule(s) now. 點擊“繼續”立即發送以下時間表。
Click 'Continue' to Disable the following Schedule(s). 單擊“繼續”以禁用以下計劃。
Click 'Continue' to Enable the following Schedule(s). 單擊“繼續”以啟用以下計劃。
You must select at least one schedule. 您必須至少選擇一個計劃。
Report: [edit: %s] 報告:[編輯:%s]
Report: [new] 報告:[新]
Start Date Selector 開始日期選擇器
FlowView Schedules FlowView計劃
FlowView Schedules [ Add Devices before Schedules ] FlowView時間表[在時間表之前添加設備]
Schedules 排程
Schedule Title 計畫標題
Interval 間隔
Start Date 開始日期
Next Send 下一步發送
Email 電子郵件
Select a Report Type First 打印報告
Filter: [edit: %s] 報告:[編輯:%s]
Filter: [new] 報告:[新]
Undefined Filter [ Select Filter to get Details ] 未定義的過濾器[選擇過濾器以獲取詳細信息]
Statistical Report: %s [ Including overrides as specififed below ] 統計報告:%s [包括以下指定的替代項]
Printed Report: %s [ Including overrides as specififed below ] 印刷報告:%s [包括以下指定的替代項]
Select a Filter 打印報告
This translation Needs editing Cacti/flowview 開始日期選擇器
The following strings have the same context and source.
Needs editing Cacti/core 開始日期選擇器
Needs editing Cacti/syslog 開始日期選擇器
Needs editing Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 開始日期選擇器


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