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ICMP Ping Success (%s ms) ICMP Ping成功(%s ms)
ICMP ping Timed out ICMP ping超時
Destination address not specified 未指定目標地址
default 默认
Please upgrade to PHP 5.5.4+ for IPv6 support! 請升級到PHP 5.5.4+以獲得IPv6支持!
UDP ping error: %s UDP ping錯誤:%s
UDP Ping Success (%s ms) UDP Ping成功(%s ms)
TCP ping: socket_connect(), reason: %s TCP ping:socket_connect(),原因:%s
TCP ping: socket_select() failed, reason: %s TCP ping:socket_select()失敗,原因:%s
TCP Ping Success (%s ms) TCP Ping成功(%s ms)
TCP ping timed out TCP ping超時
Ping not performed due to setting. 由於設置,Ping未執行。
%s Version %s or above is required for %s. %s版本%s或以上是%s所必需的。
%s is required for %s, and it is not installed. %s是必需的,並且未安裝。
Plugin cannot be installed. 插件無法安裝。
Plugins 外掛
Requires: Cacti >= %s 需要:Cacti> =%s
Legacy Plugin 傳統插件
Not Stated 沒有說明
Problems sending Report '%s' Problem with e-mail Subsystem Error is '%s' 發送報告'%s'時出現問題電子郵件子系統錯誤是'%s'
Report '%s' Sent Successfully 報告“%s”已成功發送
Host: 主辦:
Graph: 圖表 :
(No Graph Template) (無圖表模板)
(Non Query Based) (非查詢)
Add to Report 添加到報告
Choose the Report to associate these graphs with. The defaults for alignment will be used for each graph in the list below. 選擇要將這些圖表與之關聯的報告。對齊的默認值將用於下面列表中的每個圖形。
Report: 報告:
Graph Timespan: 圖Timespan:
Graph Alignment: 圖形對齊:
Created Report Graph Item '<i>%s</i>' 創建報告圖表項&#39; <i>%s</i> &#39;
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