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[%d Items, %d Rows] [%d項目,%d行]
Fail 失敗
Success 成功
Reload Query 重新加載查詢
Verbose Query 詳細查詢
Remove Query 刪除查詢
No Associated Data Queries. 沒有關聯數據查詢。
Add Data Query 添加數據查詢
Add Data Query to Device 將數據查詢添加到設備
Ping Ping
Ping and SNMP Uptime Ping和SNMP正常運行時間
SNMP Uptime SNMP正常運行時間
Ping or SNMP Uptime Ping或SNMP正常運行時間
SNMP GetNext SNMP GetNext
Delete Item from Device 刪除設備模板
Undefined 未定義
Site 網站
Export Devices 導出設備
Not Up 不起來
Recovering 正在復原
Unknown 未知
Device Description 設備描述
The name by which this Device will be referred to. 引用此設備的名稱。
Hostname 主機名稱
Either an IP address, or hostname. If a hostname, it must be resolvable by either DNS, or from your hosts file. IP地址或主機名。如果是主機名,則必須由DNS或主機文件解析。
The internal database ID for this Device. Useful when performing automation or debugging. 此設備的內部數據庫ID。在執行自動化或調試時很有用。
The total number of Graphs generated from this Device. 從此設備生成的圖表總數。
The total number of Data Sources generated from this Device. 從此設備生成的數據源總數。
The monitoring status of the Device based upon ping results. If this Device is a special type Device, by using the hostname "localhost", or due to the setting to not perform an Availability Check, it will always remain Up. When using cmd.php data collector, a Device with no Graphs, is not pinged by the data collector and will remain in an "Unknown" state. 基於ping結果的設備監控狀態。如果此設備是特殊類型的設備,通過使用主機名“localhost”,或由於設置不執行可用性檢查,它將始終保持為Up。使用cmd.php數據收集器時,沒有圖形的設備不會被數據收集器ping,並將保持“未知”狀態。
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