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Success - Password
Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Installed. <span class="deviceDown">Note: If you are planning on using SNMPv3, you must remove php-snmp and use the Net-SNMP toolset.</span> 已安裝。 <span class="deviceDown">注意:如果您打算使用SNMPv3,則必須刪除php-snmp並使用Net-SNMP工具集。</span>
You've set memory limit to 'unlimited'. 您已將內存限制設置為“無限制”。
It is highly suggested that you alter you php.ini memory_limit to %s or higher. 強烈建議您將php.ini memory_limit更改為%s或更高版本。
This suggested memory value is calculated based on the number of data source present and is only to be used as a suggestion, actual values may vary system to system based on requirements. 該建議的存儲器值是基於存在的數據源的數量來計算的,並且僅用作建議,實際值可以根據要求在系統與系統之間變化。
Variable Name 变数
MySQL Table Information - Sizes in KBytes MySQL表信息 - 以KB為單位的大小
Avg Row Length 平均行長度
Data Length 數據長度
Index Length 索引長度
Comment 評論
Unable to retrieve table status 無法檢索表狀態
PHP Module Information PHP模塊信息
User Login History 用戶登錄歷史
Deleted/Invalid 刪除/無效
Result 結果
Success - Password 成功 - Pswd
Success - Token 成功 - 令牌
Success - Password Change 成功 - Pswd
Attempts 嘗試
Button: use filter settings Go 送出
Button: reset filter settings Clear 清除
Button: delete all table entries Purge 清除
Purge User Log 清除用戶日誌
User Logins 用戶登錄
IP Address IP 位址
(User Removed) (用戶已刪除)
Log [Total Lines: %d - Non-Matching Items Hidden] 記錄[總行數:%d - 隱藏不匹配項目]
Log [Total Lines: %d - All Items Shown] 記錄[總行數:%d - 顯示的所有項目]
Clear Cacti Log 清除仙人掌日誌
Cacti Log Cleared Cacti Log清除
Error: Unable to clear log, no write permissions. 錯誤:無法清除日誌,沒有寫入權限。
This translation Needs editing Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 成功 - Pswd
The following string has the same context and source.
Needs editing Cacti/core 成功 - Pswd


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