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The number of consecutive hours that represent the hourly average. Keep in mind that a setting too high can result in very large memory tables 表示每小時平均值的連續小時數。請記住,設置太高會導致內存表非常大
Maintenance Time 維護時間
What time of day should Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Data be updated? Format is HH:MM [am/pm] 什麼時候應該更新每週,每月和每年的數據?格式為HH:MM [am / pm]
Memory Limit for Data Source Statistics Data Collector 數據源統計數據收集器的內存限制
The maximum amount of memory for the Cacti Poller and Data Source Statistics Poller Cacti Poller和數據源統計輪詢器的最大內存量
RRDfile Check RRDfile清理器
Enable RRDfile Check 啟用規則
Should RRDfile check be enabled for this Cacti system? 是否應該為此Cacti系統收集數據源統計信息?
Number of RRDfile Check Processes Boost進程數
The number of concurrent RRDfile check processes to use to use to process all of rrd files. 用於處理boost表中所有RRD的並發boost進程數。
Check Frequency 頻率
How frequent should RRD be checked ? Daily Stats應該多久更新一次?
Data Storage Settings 數據存儲設置
Choose if RRDs will be stored locally or being handled by an external RRDtool proxy server. 選擇RRD是存儲在本地還是由外部RRDtool代理服務器處理。
RRDtool Proxy Server RRDtool代理服務器
Structure RRDfile Paths 結構化RRD路徑
Enable Structured Paths 結構化RRD路徑
Use a separate subfolder for each hosts RRD files. The naming of the RRDfiles will be one of the following:<br><ul><li>&lt;path_cacti&gt;/rra/host_id/local_data_id.rrd,</li><li>&lt;path_cacti&gt;/rra/device_id/data_query_id/local_data_id.rrd,</li><li>&lt;path_cacti&gt;/rra/device_hash/device_id/local_data_id.rrd,</li><li>&lt;path_cacti&gt;/rra/device_hash/device_id/data_query_id/local_data_id.rrd.</li></ul><br>You can make this change after install by running the CLI script <b>structure_rra_paths.php</b> after you make the change. NOTE: If you change Max Directories value to decrease the number of directories, or if you change the Directory Pattern, empty directories will not be pruned after you rerun the <b>structure_rra_paths.php</b> script.
Directory Pattern 找到目錄
Which Directory Pattern do you wish to use for Structured RRD Paths. 'Device ID' is the default. The setting 'Device ID/Data Query ID' should be used when you have Devices with thousands of Graphs. After Changing the Directory Pattern, you must run the Structured Path CLI script again to modify the RRDfile paths to the new Pattern.
Device ID 裝置
Device ID/Data Query ID 刪除數據查詢
Device Hash/Device ID 設備名稱
Device Hash/Device ID/Data Query ID
Max Device Hash Directories
The maximum number of Device Directories to be created based upon hashed Device ID's.
Proxy Server 代理服務器
The DNS hostname or IP address of the RRDtool proxy server. RRDtool代理服務器的DNS主機名或IP地址。
Proxy Port Number 代理端口號
TCP port for encrypted communication. 用於加密通信的TCP端口。
RSA Fingerprint RSA指紋
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