Context English Chinese (Traditional)
Account [new] 帳戶[新]
WMI Accounts WMI帳戶
Search 搜尋
Accounts 帳戶
Default 預設
filter: use Go 送出
filter: reset Clear 清除
Description 描述
Devices 設備
No Accounts Found 找不到帳戶
Give this query a meaningful name that will be displayed. 為該查詢提供一個有意義的名稱,該名稱將被顯示。
Collection Frequency 收集頻率
When this WMI Query is added to a Device, this is the Frequency of Data Collection that will be used. 當此WMI查詢添加到設備時,這就是將要使用的數據收集頻率。
Enabled 啟用
Should this Query be enabled on hosts using it 是否應在使用該查詢的主機上啟用該查詢
Namespace Namespace
The Namespace for this Query. 此查詢的命名空間。
Query 查詢
The Query to execute for gathering WMI data from the device. 執行以從設備收集WMI數據的查詢。
Primary Key 首要的關鍵
When a WMI Query returns multiple rows, which Keyname will be the primary key or index? If the Primary Key includes multiple columns, separate them with a comma. 當WMI查詢返回多行時,哪個Keyname是主鍵或索引?如果主鍵包含多個列,請用逗號分隔它們。
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following WMI Queries. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下WMI查詢。
You must select at least one WMI Query. 您必須至少選擇一個WMI查詢。
Return 返回
Delete WMI Query 刪除WMI查詢
Query [edit: %s] 查詢[編輯:%s]
Query [new] 查詢[新]
Has Graphs 有圖
Frequency 頻率
WQL Query WQL查詢


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