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Edit Device
Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
A description for the Device 設備的描述
A Cacti unique identifier for the Device 設備的Cacti唯一標識符
The number of Graphs for this Device 此設備的圖表數量
The number of Data Sources for this Device 此設備的數據源數量
The status for this Device as of the last time it was polled 上次輪詢時此設備的狀態
The last time Cacti found an issue with this Device. It can be higher than the Uptime for the Device, if it was rebooted between Cacti polling cycles Cacti最後一次發現此設備存在問題。如果它在Cacti輪詢週期之間重新啟動,它可能高於設備的正常運行時間
Uptime 運行時間
The official uptime of the Device as reported by SNMP SNMP報告的設備正式正常運行時間
The official hostname for this Device 此設備的官方主機名
Current (ms) 電流(ms)
The current response time for the Cacti Availability check Cacti可用性檢查的當前響應時間
Average (ms) 平均(ms)
The average response time for the Cacti Availability check Cacti Availability檢查的平均響應時間
Availability 可用性
The overall Availability of this Device since the last counter reset in Cacti 自Cacti上次計數器重置以來此設備的整體可用性
Edit Device 編輯設備
View Graphs 查看圖表
No Devices 沒有裝置
Not Up 不起來
No Export Rows Found.
Threshold Log for [ %s ] [%s]的閾值日誌
Log Entries 紀錄細節
Device 裝置
Time 時間
Event Description 活動說明
Alert Value 警報價值
Measured Value 測量值
No Threshold Logs Found 找不到閾值日誌
Entries 留言
You are not authorised to modify one or more of the Thresholds selected 您無權修改所選的一個或多個閾值
%s (%d Thresholds) %s(%d閾值)
This translation Needs editing Cacti/thold 編輯設備
The following strings have the same context and source.
Needs editing Cacti/core 編輯設備
Needs editing Cacti/hmib 編輯設備
Needs editing Cacti/mactrack 開關設備
Needs editing Cacti/mikrotik 裝置
Needs editing Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 編輯設備


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