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Context English Portuguese (Brazil) State
%d Hours %d horas
%d Day %d Dia
%d Days %d Dias
%d Week %d Semana
%d Weeks %d Semanas
%0.1f Hours %0,1f Horas
Every Polling Todas as sondagens
Every %d Pollings Cada %d Pollings
%d Polling %d Polling
%d Pollings %d Pollings
High / Low Alto / Baixo
Baseline Deviation Desvio da linha de base
Time Based Baseado no tempo
Exact Value Valor exato
Percentage Porcentagem
RPN Expression Expressão RPN
Upper + Lower bytes Bytes superiores + inferiores
Acknowledge Reconhecer
Suspend Notifications Notificações SNMP
Resume Notifications Notificações SNMP
Delete Excluir
Enable Habilitar
Disable Desativar
Reapply Suggested Names Reaplicar Nomes Sugeridos
Propagate Template Propagate Template
Export Exportar
SNMP not in use SNMP não está em uso
Devices Notice: <DESCRIPTION> (<HOSTNAME>) returned from DOWN state Aviso de Dispositivos: <(<HOSTNAME>) retornado do estado DOWN
<br>System <DESCRIPTION> (<HOSTNAME>) status: <DOWN/UP><br><br>Current ping response: <CUR_TIME> ms<br>Average system response : <AVG_TIME> ms<br>System availability: <AVAILABILITY><br>Total Checks Since Clear: <TOT_POLL><br>Total Failed Checks: <FAIL_POLL><br>Last Date Checked UP: <LAST_FAIL><br>Devices Previously DOWN for: <DOWNTIME><br><br>SNMP Info:<br>Name - <SNMP_HOSTNAME><br>Location - <SNMP_LOCATION><br>Uptime - <UPTIMETEXT> (<UPTIME> ms)<br>System - <SNMP_SYSTEM><br><br>NOTE: <NOTES> status <br>Sistema <DESCRIPTION> (<HOSTNAME>): <DWN/UP><br>>br>Current ping response: <CUR_TIME> ms<br>Resposta média do sistema: <AVG_TIME> ms<br>Disponibilidade do sistema: <AVAILABILITY><br>Total Checks Since Clear: <TOT_POLL><br>Total Failed Checks: <FAIL_POLL><br>Last Date Checked UP: <LAST_FAIL><br>Devices Previously DOWN for: <DOWNTIME><br><br><br>NMP Info:<br>Nome - <SNMP_HOSTNAME><br>>Local - <SNMP_LOCATION><br>Aptime - <UPTIMETEXT> (<UPTIMEME> ms)<br>System - <SNMP_SYSTEM><br><br>NNOTE: <NOTES>.


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