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Report Edit [new] 報告編輯[新]
New Report Record 新報告記錄
Report Details 報表明細
Report Name 報告名稱
Please describe this Report. 請描述一下這份報告。
Is this Report Enabled? 此報告是否已啟用?
Define how you would like this string matched. 定義您希望此字符串匹配的方式。
The matching component of the syslog message. syslog消息的匹配組件。
Report Frequency 報告頻率
How often should this Report be sent to the distribution list? 該報告應多久發送到一次分發列表?
Send Time 發送時間
What time of day should this report be sent? 該報告應該在什麼時間發送?
Report Body Text 報告正文
The information that will be contained in the body of the report. 將包含在報告正文中的信息。
Report Email Addresses 報告電子郵件地址
Comma delimited list of Email addresses to send the report to. 逗號分隔的電子郵件地址列表,用於發送報告。
Report Notes 報告說明
Space for Notes on the Report 報告說明的空間
Syslog Report Filters 系統日誌報告過濾器
Frequency 頻率
Last Sent 最後發送
No Syslog Reports Defined 沒有系統日誌報告定義
Import Report Rule from Local File 從本地文件導入報告規則
If the XML file containing the Report Rule definition data is located on your local machine, select it here. 如果包含報告規則定義數據的XML文件位於本地計算機上,請在此處選擇它。
Import Report Rule from Text 從文本導入報告規則
If you have the XML file containing the Report Rule definition data as text, you can paste it into this box to import it. 如果您將包含報告規則定義數據的XML文件作為文本,則可以將其粘貼到此框中以將其導入。
Import Report Data 導入報告數據
NOTE: Report Rule '%s' %s! 注意:報告規則'%s'%s!
ERROR: Report Rule '%s' %s Failed! 錯誤:報告規則'%s'%s失敗!


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