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New Alert Rule 新警報規則
Alert Details 提醒細節
Please describe this Alert. 請描述此警報。
What is the Severity Level of this Alert? 此警報的嚴重級別是多少?
Reporting Method 報告方法
Define how to Alert on the syslog messages. 定義如何對系統日誌消息進行警報。
Individual 個人
Threshold 閾值
For the 'Threshold' method, If the number seen is above this value an Alert will be triggered. 對於“閾值”方法,如果看到的數字高於此值,將觸發警報。
String Match Type 字符串匹配類型
Define how you would like this string matched. If using the SQL Expression type you may use any valid SQL expression to generate the alarm. Available fields include 'message', 'facility', 'priority', and 'host'. 定義您希望此字符串匹配的方式。如果使用SQL Expression類型,則可以使用任何有效的SQL表達式來生成警報。可用字段包括“消息”,“設施”,“優先級”和“主機”。
Syslog Message Match String 系統日誌消息匹配字符串
Enter the matching component of the syslog message, the facility or host name, or the SQL where clause if using the SQL Expression Match Type. 如果使用SQL表達式匹配類型,請輸入syslog消息,設施或主機名或SQL where子句的匹配組件。
Alert Enabled 警報已啟用
Is this Alert Enabled? 此警報已啟用嗎?
Disabled 停用
Enabled 啟用
Re-Alert Cycle 重新警報週期
Do not resend this alert again for the same host, until this amount of time has elapsed. For threshold based alarms, this applies to all hosts. 不要再次為同一主機重新發送此警報,直到經過這段時間。對於基於閾值的警報,這適用於所有主機。
Alert Notes 提示備註
Space for Notes on the Alert 警報備註的空間
Alert Actions 警報措施
Open Ticket 開新問題單
Should a Help Desk Ticket be opened for this Alert 是否應為此警報打開幫助台票證
Emails to Notify 電子郵件通知
Please enter a comma delimited list of Email addresses to inform. If you wish to send out Email to a recipient in SMS format, please prefix that recipient's Email address with <b>'[email protected]'</b>. For example, if the recipients SMS address is <b>'[email protected]'</b>, you would enter it as <b>'[email protected]'</b> and it will be formatted as an SMS message. 請輸入逗號分隔的電子郵件地址列表以通知。如果您希望以短信格式向收件人發送電子郵件,請在收件人的電子郵件地址前加上<b>“sms @”</b> 。例如,如果收件人的SMS地址為<b>“[email protected]”</b> ,則將其輸入為<b>“sms @ 2485551212 @”</b> ,並將其格式化為SMS消息。
Alert Command 警報命令
When an Alert is triggered, run the following command. The following replacement variables are available <b>'&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;'</b>, <b>'&lt;ALERTID&gt;'</b>, <b>'&lt;MESSAGE&gt;'</b>, <b>'&lt;FACILITY&gt;'</b>, <b>'&lt;PRIORITY&gt;'</b>, <b>'&lt;SEVERITY&gt;'</b>. Please note that <b>'&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;'</b> is only available on individual thresholds. 觸發警報時,請運行以下命令。以下替換變量可用於<b>“&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;”</b> , <b>“&lt;ALERTID&gt;”</b> , <b>“&lt;MESSAGE&gt;”</b> , <b>“&lt;FACILITY&gt;”</b> , <b>“&lt;PRIORITY&gt;”</b> , <b>“&lt;SEVERITY&gt;”</b> 。請注意, <b>&#39;&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;&#39;</b>僅適用於各個閾值。
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Propagated Translated Cacti/maint
Propagated Translated Cacti/mactrack
Propagated Translated Cacti/monitor
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Propagated Translated Cacti/thold
Propagated Translated Cacti/webseer
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/core


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