English Chinese (Traditional)
Alert Name 警報名稱
Severity 重要性
Count 計數
Alert Log Rows 警報日誌行
Alert Removed 警報已刪除
No Alert Log Messages 沒有警報日誌消息
All Programs 所有課程
Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Syslog Alert Rule(s). 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下Syslog警報規則。
Delete Syslog Alert Rule(s) 刪除系統日誌警報規則
Click 'Continue' to Disable the following Syslog Alert Rule(s). 單擊“繼續”以禁用以下Syslog警報規則。
Disable Syslog Alert Rule(s) 禁用系統日誌警報規則
Click 'Continue' to Enable the following Syslog Alert Rule(s). 單擊“繼續”以啟用以下Syslog警報規則。
Enable Syslog Alert Rule(s) 啟用Syslog警報規則
Click 'Continue' to Export the following Syslog Alert Rule(s). 單擊“繼續”以導出以下Syslog警報規則。
Export Syslog Alert Rule(s) 導出系統日誌警報規則
Continue 繼續
Not Set 未設定
1 Minute 1 分鐘
1 Month 1個月
Alert Edit [edit: %s] 警報編輯[編輯:%s]
Alert Edit [new] 提醒編輯[新]
New Alert Rule 新警報規則
Alert Details 提醒細節
Please describe this Alert. 請描述此警報。
What is the Severity Level of this Alert? 此警報的嚴重級別是多少?
Reporting Method 報告方法
Define how to Alert on the syslog messages. 定義如何對系統日誌消息進行警報。
Individual 個人
Threshold 閾值
For the 'Threshold' method, If the number seen is above this value an Alert will be triggered. 對於“閾值”方法,如果看到的數字高於此值,將觸發警報。
String Match Type 字符串匹配類型
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Cacti/syslog
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Cacti/flowview
Propagated Translated Cacti/routerconfigs
Propagated Translated Cacti/core
Propagated Translated Cacti/hmib
Propagated Translated Cacti/mactrack
Propagated Translated Cacti/maint
Propagated Translated Cacti/thold
Propagated Translated Cacti/gexport
Propagated Translated Cacti/core (v1.2.x)
Propagated Translated Cacti/mikrotik
Propagated Translated Cacti/wmi
Propagated Translated Cacti/webseer
Propagated Translated Cacti/reportit


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