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If this checkbox is set, all hostnames are validated. If the hostname is not valid. All records are assigned to a special host called 'invalidhost'. This setting can impact syslog processing time on large systems. Therefore, use of this setting should only be used when other means are not in place to prevent this from happening. 如果设置了此复选框,则验证所有主机名。如果主机名无效。所有记录都分配给名为“invalidhost”的特殊主机。此设置可能会影响大型系统上的syslog处理时间。因此,只有在没有其他方法可以防止这种情况发生时,才应使用此设置。
Refresh Interval 刷新频率
This is the time in seconds before the page refreshes. 这是页面刷新前的秒数。
Max Report Records 最大报告记录
For Threshold based Alerts, what is the maximum number that you wish to show in the report. This is used to limit the size of the html log and Email. 对于基于警报的阈值,您希望在报告中显示的最大数量是多少。这用于限制html日志和电子邮件的大小。
%d Records %d 记录
Command for Opening Tickets 创建任务单的命令
This command will be executed for opening Help Desk Tickets. The command will be required to parse multiple input parameters as follows: <b>--alert-name</b>, <b>--severity</b>, <b>--hostlist</b>, <b>--message</b>. The hostlist will be a comma delimited list of hosts impacted by the alert. 将执行此命令以打开帮助台票证。该命令将需要解析多个输入参数如下<b>:--alert名</b> <b><b><b>,--severity,--hostlist,--message。</b></b></b>主机列表将是受警报影响的逗号分隔的主机列表。
HTML Notification Settings HTML通知设置
Enable HTML Based Email 启用基于HTML的电子邮件
If this checkbox is set, all Emails will be sent in HTML format. Otherwise, Emails will be sent in plain text. 如果设置了此复选框,则所有电子邮件都将以HTML格式发送。否则,电子邮件将以纯文本形式发送。
Format File to Use 格式化文件以使用
Choose the custom html wrapper and CSS file to use. This file contains both html and CSS to wrap around your report. If it contains more than simply CSS, you need to place a special <REPORT> tag inside of the file. This format tag will be replaced by the report content. These files are located in the 'formats' directory. 择要使用的自定义html包装器和CSS文件. 该文件包含html和CSS.以包装您的报告.如果它包含的不仅仅是CSS.你需要在文件中放置一个特殊的<REPORT>标签.此格式标签将被报告内容替换.
Data Retention Settings 数据保留设置
Syslog Retention Syslog保留
This is the number of days to keep events. 这是保留事件的天数。
Syslog Alert Retention 系统日志警报保留
This is the number of days to keep alert logs. 这是保留警报日志的天数。
Remote Message Processing 远程消息处理
Enable Remote Data Collector Message Processing 启用远程数据收集器消息处理
If your Remote Data Collectors have their own Syslog databases and process their messages independently, check this checkbox. By checking this Checkbox, your Remote Data Collectors will need to maintain their own 'config_local.php' file in order to inform Syslog to use an independent database for message display and processing. Please use the template file 'config_local.php.dist' for this purpose. WARNING: Syslog tables will be automatically created as soon as this option is enabled. 如果您的远程数据收集器有自己的 Syslog 数据库并独立处理它们的消息,请选中此复选框。通过选中此复选框,您的远程数据收集器将需要维护自己的“config_local.php”文件,以便通知 Syslog 使用独立数据库进行消息显示和处理。为此请使用模板文件“config_local.php.dist”。警告:启用此选项后,系统日志表将自动创建。
Remote Data Collector Rules Sync 远程数据收集器规则同步
If your Remote Data Collectors have their own Syslog databases and process thrie messages independently, check this checkbox if you wish the Main Cacti databases Alerts, Removal and Report rules to be sent to the Remote Cacti System. 如果您的远程数据收集器有自己的系统日志数据库并独立处理三个消息,如果您希望将主要 Cacti 数据库警报、删除和报告规则发送到远程 Cacti 系统,请选中此复选框。
Delete 删除
Disable 禁用
Enable 启用
Export 导出
Indefinite 无限制
%d Day %d 天
%d Days %d 天
%d Week %d 周


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