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Syslog %s Advisor
WARNING: Syslog Upgrade is Time Consuming!!!
The upgrade of the 'main' syslog table can be a very time consuming process. As such, it is recommended that you either reduce the size of your syslog table prior to upgrading, or choose the background option</p> <p>If you choose the background option, your legacy syslog table will be renamed, and a new syslog table will be created. Then, an upgrade process will be launched in the background. Again, this background process can quite a bit of time to complete. However, your data will be preserved</p> <p>Regardless of your choice, all existing removal and alert rules will be maintained during the upgrade process.</p> <p>Press <b>'Upgrade'</b> to proceed with the upgrade, or <b>'Cancel'</b> to return to the Plugins menu.
You can also select the retention duration. Please keep in mind that if you have several hosts logging to syslog, this table can become quite large. So, if not using partitioning, you might want to keep the size smaller.
You can also set the MySQL storage engine. If you have not tuned you system for InnoDB storage properties, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the MyISAM storage engine.
You have several options to choose from when installing Syslog. The first is the Database Architecture. Starting with MySQL 5.1.6, you can elect to utilize Table Partitioning to prevent the size of the tables from becoming excessive thus slowing queries.
Syslog %s Settings
What uninstall method do you want to use?
When uninstalling syslog, you can remove everything, or only components, just in case you plan on re-installing in the future.
Remove Everything (Logs, Tables, Settings)
Syslog Data Only
Syslog Uninstall Preferences
General Settings
Syslog Enabled
If this checkbox is set, records will be transferred from the Syslog Incoming table to the main syslog table and Alerts and Reports will be enabled. Please keep in mind that if the system is disabled log entries will still accumulate into the Syslog Incoming table as this is defined by the rsyslog or syslog-ng process.
HTML Based Email
If this checkbox is set, all Emails will be sent in HTML format. Otherwise, Emails will be sent in plain text.
Enable Statistics Gathering
If this checkbox is set, statistics on where syslog messages are arriving from will be maintained. This statistical information can be used to render things such as heat maps.
Strip Domains
A comma delimited list of domains that you wish to remove from the syslog hostname, Examples would be ','
Validate Hostnames
If this checkbox is set, all hostnames are validated. If the hostname is not valid. All records are assigned to a special host called 'invalidhost'. This setting can impact syslog processing time on large systems. Therefore, use of this setting should only be used when other means are not in place to prevent this from happening.
Refresh Interval
This is the time in seconds before the page refreshes.
Max Report Records
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