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The password used for authentication.
Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
14:00 (2pm) 14:00(2pm)
15:00 (3pm) 15:00(3pm)
16:00 (4pm) 16:00(4pm)
17:00 (5pm) 17:00(5pm)
18:00 (6pm) 18:00(6pm)
19:00 (7pm) 19:00(7pm)
20:00 (8pm) 20:00(8pm)
21:00 (9pm) 21:00(9pm)
22:00 (10pm) 22:00(10pm)
23:00 (11pm) 23:00(11pm)
Name 名稱
Give this account a meaningful name that will be displayed. 為此帳戶提供將顯示的有意義的名稱。
Username 用戶名
The username that will be used for authentication. 用於身份驗證的用戶名。
Password 密碼
The password used for authentication. 用於身份驗證的密碼。
Enable Password 啟用密碼
Your Enable Password, if required. 如果需要,您的啟用密碼。
Enable Device 啟用設備
Uncheck this box to disabled this device from being backed up. 取消選中此框可禁用此設備的備份。
Description 描述
Name of this device (will be used for config saving and SVN if no hostname is present in config). 此設備的名稱(如果配置中沒有主機名,將用於配置保存和SVN)。
IP Address IP 位址
This is the IP Address used to communicate with the device. 這是用於與設備通信的IP地址。
Directory 目錄
This is the relative directory structure used to store the configs. 這是用於存儲配置的相對目錄結構。
Schedule 排程
How often to Backup this device. 備份此設備的頻率。
Device Type 設備類型
Choose the type of device that the router is. 選擇路由器所屬的設備類型。
Auto-Detect 自動検出
This translation Needs editing Cacti/routerconfigs 用於身份驗證的密碼。
The following string has the same context and source.
Needs editing Cacti/wmi 用於認證的密碼。


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