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Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Report Templates 다음 보고서 템플릿을 삭제하려면 '계속'을 클릭하십시오.
WARNING: Every Report that belongs to these Templates will also be deleted! 이러한 템플릿에 속한 모든 보고서도 삭제됩니다!
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Report: <i>None</i> | _Report : <i>없음</i> <br>
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Title: 제목:
<template_title> (1) <template_title> (1)
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Variables [Template: <a class='linkEditMain' href='templates.php?action=template_edit&id= 변수 [템플릿 : <a class = 'linkEditMain'href = 'templates.php? action = template_edit & id =
No Variables Found 변수 설명
Maximum has to be greater than minimum. 최대 값은 최소값보다 커야합니다.
Default value is out of values range. 기본값이 값 범위를 벗어났습니다.
Variable Configuration [edit: %s] 변수 구성 [편집 : %s]
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