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Create New Dashboard 新增儀表板
Monitored Devices 監控的設備
All Monitored Devices 所有受監控的設備
Monitored Devices either Down or Recovering 受監控設備已關閉或正在恢復
Monitored Devices either Down, Recovering, or with Triggered Thresholds 受監控的設備可以是“關閉”,“恢復”或“具有觸發閾值”
Monitored Devices either Down, Recovering, or with Breached or Triggered Thresholds 受監控設備已關閉,恢復或具有違反或觸發閾值
Unknown monitoring status (%s) 未知監控狀態(%s)
, and All Criticalities 和所有重要性
, and of Low Criticality or Higher ,低臨界或更高
, and of Medium Criticality or Higher ,以及中等臨界或更高
, and of High Criticality or Higher ,以及高臨界或更高
, and of Mission Critical Status 和關鍵任務狀態
</div><div class="center monitorFooterTextBold">Remember to first select eligible Devices to be Monitored from the Devices page!</div></div></div> </div><div class="center monitorFooterTextBold">請記住首先從“設備”頁面選擇要監控的符合條件的設備! </div>
[ Refresh Again in <i style="padding:0px !important;margin:0px;" id="timer">%d</i> Seconds ] [再次刷新<i id="timer">%d</i>秒]
Monitor Filter [ Last Refresh: %s ] 監控過濾器[上次刷新:%s]
[ Showing only first 30 Devices ]
Unsaved 未保存
Layout 佈局
Status 狀態
View 查看
Grouping 商品群組
Refresh 重新整理
Refresh the Device List 刷新設備列表
Save 儲存
Save Filter Settings 保存過濾器設置
New 新增
Save New Dashboard 保存新儀錶盤
Rename 重新命名
Rename Dashboard 重命名儀表板
Delete 刪除
Delete Dashboard 刪除儀表板


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