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Show Device Details 显示设备详情
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Clear 清除
Export 导出
Site 站点
Any 任何
SubType 子类型
Device Tracking Device: (%s) successfully updated 设备跟踪设备:(%s)已成功更新
Import into Device Tracking Database 设备跟踪数据库结果
Click 'Continue' to import the following Device to Device Tracking? Please specify additional Device Tracking device options as given below. 您确定要将以下主机导入MacTrack吗? 请指定其他MacTrack设备选项,如下所示。
We will use these devices SNMP options for the Device Tracking device as well. 我们也将为MacTrack设备使用这些设备的SNMP选项。
Not Applicable - Router 不适用 - 路由器
Not Applicable - Switch/Hub 不适用 - 交换机/集线器
Delete 删除
Duplicate 重复
--dup-- --dup--
You must select at least one device type. You must select at least one device type.
Continue 继续
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Device Type(s). 您确定要删除以下设备类型吗?
Click 'Continue' to duplicate the following Device Type(s). You may optionally change the description for the new device types. Otherwise, do not change value below and the original name will be replicated with a new suffix. 当您单击保存时,以下设备类型将被复制。 您可以选择更改新设备类型的描述。 否则,请勿更改下面的值,原始名称将被复制为新的后缀。
<description> (1) Description
Device Type Prefix: 设备类型前缀:
Cancel 取消
Return 返回
New Type New Type
Cisco 思科
There were %d Device Types Added! 有%d设备类型已添加!
No New Device Types Found! 找不到新的设备类型!
Import Results 导入结果
Cacti has imported the following items: Cacti导入了以下条目:
Import Device Tracking Device Types 导入MacTrack设备类型


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