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SNMP Engine ID (v3) SNMP引擎ID(v3)
Enter the SNMP v3 Engine ID to use for this device. 输入用于此设备的SNMP v3引擎ID。
General Device Settings 一般设备设置
Give this device a meaningful name. 给这个设备一个有意义的名字。
Fill in the fully qualified hostname for this device. 填写此设备的标准主机名。
Related Cacti Host 相关的Cacti 主机
Given Device Tracking Host is connected to this Cacti Host. 鉴于MacTrack主机已连接到此Cacti主机。
Scan Type 扫描类型
Choose the scan type you wish to perform on this device. 选择您希望在此设备上执行的扫描类型。
Choose the site to associate with this device. 选择要与此设备关联的网站。
Device Notes 设备说明
This field value is useful to save general information about a specific device. 该字段值对于保存有关特定设备的一般信息很有用。
Disable Device 禁用设备
Check this box to disable all checks for this host. 选中此框可禁用此主机的所有检查。
Switch/Hub, Switch/Router Settings 交换机/集线器,交换机/路由器设置
Provide a list of ports on a specific switch/hub whose MAC results should be ignored. Ports such as link/trunk ports that can not be distinguished from other user ports are examples. Each port number must be separated by a colon, pipe, or a space ':', '|', ' '. For example, 'Fa0/1: Fa1/23' or 'Fa0/1 Fa1/23' would be acceptable for some manufacturers switch types. 提供一个特定交换机/集线器上的MAC结果应被忽略的端口列表。 链路/中继端口等端口不能与其他用户端口相区别。
每个端口号必须用冒号,管道或空格分开:','| ',' '。
例如,对于某些制造商的开关类型,Fa0 / 1:Fa1 / 23或Fa0 / 1 Fa1 / 23是可以接受的。
You can use specific SNMP settings or select SNMP set. In the second case, mactrack tries to find correct settings from SNMP set 您可以使用特定的SNMP设置或选择SNMP集。在第二种情况下, mactrack尝试从SNMP集中找到正确的设置
Read Strings 读取字符串
<strong>DEPRECATED:</strong> SNMP community strings <strong>DEPRECATED:</strong>SNMP社区字符串
Specific SNMP Settings 特定的SNMP设置
Connectivity Options 连接选项
Terminal Type 终端类型
Choose the terminal type that you use to connect to this device. 选择用于连接到此设备的终端类型。
Telnet Telnet
User Name 用户名
The user name to be used for your custom authentication method. Examples include SSH, RSH, HTML, etc. 用于您的自定义身份验证方法的用户名。 例子包括SSH,RSH,HTML等。
Password 密码
The password to be used for your custom authentication. 用于您的自定义身份验证的密码。


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