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Data Retention IPs 数据保留
How long should discovered IPs details be retained in the database. 端口MAC细节应保留多长时间在数据库中。
Switch Level Ignore Ports Delimiter 切换级别忽略端口分隔符
What delimiter should Device Tracking use when parsing the Ignore Ports string for each switch. 解析每个交换机的Ignore Ports字符串时,MacTrack应使用什么分隔符。
Auto Detect 自动侦测
Colon [:] 冒号[:]
Pipe [|] 管道[|]
Space [ ] 空格 [ ]
Mac Address Delimiter Mac地址分隔符
How should each octet of the MAC address be delimited. 每个MAC地址的八位字节应该如何分隔。
Dash [-] 短横 [-]
Ports to Ignore 端口忽略
Provide a regular expression of ifNames or ifDescriptions of ports to ignore in the interface list. For example, (Vlan|Loopback|Null). 提供接口列表中要忽略的ifNames或ifDescriptions的正则表达式。 例如,(Vlan | Loopback | Null)。
Bandwidth Usage Threshold 带宽使用阈值
When reviewing network interface statistics, what bandwidth threshold do you want to view by default. 在查看网络接口统计信息时,默认情况下要查看哪个带宽阈值。
%d Percent 百分之%d
DNS Settings DNS设置
Perform Reverse DNS Name Resolution 执行反向DNS名称解析
Should Device Tracking perform reverse DNS lookup of the IP addresses associated with ports. CAUTION: If DNS is not properly setup, this will slow scan time significantly. MacTrack应该执行与端口相关的IP地址的反向DNS查找。 小心:如果DNS设置不正确,这会显着减慢扫描时间。
Primary DNS IP Address 主DNS的IP地址
Enter the primary DNS IP Address to utilize for reverse lookups. 输入用于反向查找的主要DNS IP地址。
Secondary DNS IP Address 备用DNS IP地址
Enter the secondary DNS IP Address to utilize for reverse lookups. 输入辅助DNS IP地址以用于反向查找。
DNS Timeout DNS超时
Please enter the DNS timeout in milliseconds. Device Tracking uses a PHP based DNS resolver. 请输入以毫秒为单位的DNS超时值。 MacTrack使用基于PHP的DNS解析器。
DNS Prime Interval DNS Prime间隔
How often, in seconds do Device Tracking scanning IP's need to be resolved to MAC addresses for DNS resolution. Using a larger number when you have several thousand devices will increase performance. 几秒钟内,MacTrack扫描IP需要被解析为MAC地址以进行DNS解析。 当你有几千个设备时使用更大的数字将会提高性能。
Notification Settings 通知设置
Source Address 源地址
The source Email address for Device Tracking Emails. MacTrack电子邮件的源电子邮件地址。
Source Email Name 源邮件名称


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