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Import Devices from Local File 从CSV文件导入设备类型
Please specify the location of the CSV file containing your device information. 请指定包含设备类型信息的CSV文件的位置。
- The SiteID known to Device Tracking for this device - 此设备的设备跟踪已知的SiteID
- A simple name for the device. For example Cisco 6509 Switch - 设备的简单名称。例如Cisco 6509交换机
- The IP Address or DNS Name for the device - 设备的IP地址或DNS名称
- More detailed information about the device, including location, environmental conditions, etc. - 有关设备的更多详细信息,包括位置,环境条件等。
- A list of ports that should not be scanned for user devices - 不应扫描用户设备的端口列表
- Redundant information indicating the intended device type. See below for valid values. - 指示预期设备类型的冗余信息。请参阅下面的有效值。
- Id of a set of SNMP options 选择一组SNMP选项进行尝试。
- The current snmp read string for the device - 设备的当前snmp读取字符串
- The snmp version you wish to scan this device with. Valid values are 1, 2 and 3 - 您希望扫描此设备的snmp版本。有效值为1,2和3
- The UDP port that the snmp agent is running on - 运行snmp代理的UDP端口
- The timeout in milliseconds to wait for an snmp response before trying again - 再次尝试之前等待snmp响应的超时(以毫秒为单位)
- The number of times to retry a snmp request before giving up 在发生故障前,SNMP轮询器尝试访问主机的次数。
- Specified the number of OID's that can be obtained in a single SNMP Get request 指定可以在单个SNMP Get请求中获取的OID的数量。
- SNMP V3: SNMP username - SNMP V3:SNMP用户名
- SNMP V3: SNMP password SNMP密码(v3)
- SNMP V3: SNMP authentication protocol 选择SNMPv3授权协议。
- SNMP V3: SNMP privacy passphrase SNMP隐私密码(v3)
- SNMP V3: SNMP privacy protocol SNMP隐私协议(v3)
- SNMP V3: SNMP context - SNMP V3:SNMP上下文
- SNMP V3: SNMP engine id - SNMP V3:SNMP引擎ID
Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate devices, only the data you specify will be updated. 因此,如果您尝试导入重复的设备,则只会更新您指定的数据。
HEADER LINE PROCESSED OK: <br>Columns found where: %s 标题行处理OK: <br>列找到其中:%s
INSERT SUCCEEDED: Hostname: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s 插入成功:主机名:SiteID: %s,设备名:%s,主机名:%s, SNMP端口:%s
INSERT FAILED: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s 插入失败:SiteID: %s,设备名:%s,主机名:%s, SNMP端口:%s
INSERT SKIPPED, EXISTING: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s 插入跳过的、现有的:SiteID: %s、设备名:%s、主机名%s、SNMP端口:%s
Device Tracking Devices [edit: %s] MacTrack设备[编辑:%s]
Device Tracking Devices [new] MacTrack设备[新建]
SNMP Information SNMP 信息
System: 系统:


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