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There were %d Device Types Added! 有%d设备类型已添加!
No New Device Types Found! 找不到新的设备类型!
Import Results 导入结果
Cacti has imported the following items: Cacti导入了以下条目:
Import Device Tracking Device Types 导入MacTrack设备类型
Import Device Types from Local File 从本地文件导入设备类型
Please specify the location of the CSV file containing your device type information. 请指定包含设备类型信息的CSV文件的位置。
Overwrite Existing Data? 覆盖现有数据?
Should the import process be allowed to overwrite existing data? Please note, this does not mean delete old row, only replace duplicate rows. 是否允许导入过程覆盖现有数据? 请注意,这并不意味着删除旧的行,只能替换重复的行。
Allow Existing Rows to be Updated? 允许更新现有的行?
Required File Format Notes 必需的文件格式注释
The file must contain a header row with the following column headings. 该文件必须包含具有以下列标题的标题行.
- A common name for the device. For example Cisco 6509 Switch - 设备的通用名称。例如Cisco 6509交换机
- The vendor who produces this device - 生产此设备的供应商
- The type of device this is. See the notes below for this integer value - 这是设备的类型。有关此整数值,请参阅下面的注释
- A unique set of characters from the snmp sysDescr that uniquely identify this device snmp sysDescr中唯一标识此设备的一组独特字符
- The vendor specific snmp sysObjectID that distinguishes this device from the next 供应商特定的snmp sysObjectID区分这个设备和下一个
- The scanning function that will be used to scan this device type - 用于扫描此设备类型的扫描功能
- The IP scanning function that will be used to scan this device type - 用于扫描此设备类型的IP扫描功能
- The 802.1x scanning function that will be used to scan this device type - 将用于扫描此设备类型的802.1x扫描功能
- If the Serial Number for this device type can be obtained via an SNMP Query, add it's OID here - 如果可以通过SNMP查询获取此设备类型的序列号,请在此处添加它的OID
- If your scanning function does not have the ability to isolate trunk ports or link ports, this is the starting port number for user ports - 如果您的扫描功能无法隔离中继端口或链路端口,则这是用户端口的起始端口号
- Same as the lowPort with the exception that this is the high numbered user port number - 与lowPort相同,但这是高编号的用户端口号
- Disabled type is not used -未使用禁用类型
The primary key for this table is a combination of the following three fields: 此表的主键是以下三个字段的组合:
Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate device types, the existing data will be updated with the new information. 因此,如果您尝试导入重复的设备类型,则现有数据将使用新信息进行更新。
is an integer field and must be one of the following: 是整数字段,必须是以下之一:
1 - Switch/Hub 交换机/集线器


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