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Import Device Tracking Devices
Import Devices from Local File
Please specify the location of the CSV file containing your device information.
- The SiteID known to Device Tracking for this device
- A simple name for the device. For example Cisco 6509 Switch
- The IP Address or DNS Name for the device
- More detailed information about the device, including location, environmental conditions, etc.
- A list of ports that should not be scanned for user devices
- Redundant information indicating the intended device type. See below for valid values.
- Id of a set of SNMP options
- The current snmp read string for the device
- The snmp version you wish to scan this device with. Valid values are 1, 2 and 3
- The UDP port that the snmp agent is running on
- The timeout in milliseconds to wait for an snmp response before trying again
- The number of times to retry a snmp request before giving up
- Specified the number of OID's that can be obtained in a single SNMP Get request
- SNMP V3: SNMP username
- SNMP V3: SNMP password
- SNMP V3: SNMP authentication protocol
- SNMP V3: SNMP privacy passphrase
- SNMP V3: SNMP privacy protocol
- SNMP V3: SNMP context
- SNMP V3: SNMP engine id
Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate devices, only the data you specify will be updated.
HEADER LINE PROCESSED OK: <br>Columns found where: %s
INSERT SUCCEEDED: Hostname: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s
INSERT FAILED: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s
INSERT SKIPPED, EXISTING: SiteID: %s, Device Name: %s, Hostname %s, SNMP Port: %s
Device Tracking Devices [edit: %s]
Device Tracking Devices [new]
SNMP Information


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