Source string Source string

The password to be used for your custom authentication.
Private Key Path
The path to the private key used for SSH authentication.
Sequence of Item.
General Site Settings
Please enter a reasonable name for this site.
Primary Customer Contact
The principal customer contact name and number for this site.
NetOps Contact
Please principal network support contact name and number for this site.
Facilities Contact
Please principal facilities/security contact name and number for this site.
Site Information
Provide any site-specific information, in free form, that allows you to better manage this location.
General Mac Address Tracking Settings
Please enter the MAC Address to be watched for.
MAC Tracking Name/Email Subject
Please enter a reasonable name for this MAC Tracking entry. This information will be in the subject line of your Email
Ticket number for cross referencing with your corporate help desk system(s).
Notification Schedule
Choose how often an Email should be generated for this Mac Watch item.
First Occurrence Only
All Occurrences
Every Hour
Email Addresses
Enter a semicolon separated of Email addresses that will be notified where this MAC address is.
General Mac Address Authorization Settings
MAC Address Match
Please enter the MAC Address or Mac Address Match string to be automatically authorized. If you wish to authorize a group of MAC Addresses, you can use the wildcard character of '%' anywhere in the MAC Address.
Please add a reason for this entry.


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