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Host MIB Admin 主机 MIB 管理员
Host MIB 导入主机MIB操作系统类型
Host MIB General Settings 主机MIB常规设置
Host MIB Poller Enabled 主机MIB轮询器已启用
Check this box, if you want Host MIB polling to be enabled. Otherwise, the poller will not function. 如果希望启用主机MIB轮询,请选中此框。 否则,轮询器将无法运行。
Automatically Discover Cacti Devices 自动发现 Cacti设备
Do you wish to automatically scan for and add devices which support the Host Resource MIB from the Cacti host table? 您是否希望自动扫描并添加支持来自Cacti主机表的主机资源MIB的设备?
Automatically Purge Devices 自动清除设备
Do you wish to automatically purge devices that are removed from the Cacti system? 您是否希望自动清除从Cacti系统中移除的设备?
Default Row Count 默认行数
How many rows do you wish to see on the HMIB OS Type by default? 默认情况下,您希望在HMIB OS类型上看到多少行?
Default Top Host Types 默认顶级主机类型
How many processes do you wish to see on the HMIB Dashboard by default? 默认情况下,您希望在HMIB仪表板上看到多少个进程?
%d Types %d 类型
Default Top Processes 默认顶部流程
%d Processes %d进程
Maximum Concurrent Collectors 最大并发收集器
What is the maximum number of concurrent collector process that you want to run at one time? 您想同时运行的并发收集器进程的最大数量是多少?
%d Process %d 进程
Host Auto Discovery Frequency 主机自动发现频率
Auto Discovery Frequency 自动发现频率
How often do you want to look for new Cacti Devices? 您想多久查找一次新的Cacti 设备?
Host Graph Automation 主机图形自动化
Automatically Add New Graphs 自动添加新图
How often do you want to check for new objects to graph? 你想多久检查一次新的对象来绘制图表?
Never 从不
%d Hour %d 小时
%d Hours %d 小时
%d Day %d 天
%d Days %d 天
Host MIB Table Collection Frequencies 主机MIB表收集频率
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