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Click 'Continue' to Delete the following Host Type(s)
Delete Host Type(s)
Click 'Continue' to Duplicate the following Host Type(s). You may optionally change the description for the new Host Type(s). Otherwise, do not change value below and the original name will be replicated with a new suffix.
Host Type Prefix:
Duplicate Host Type(s)
New Type
There were %d Device Types Added!
No New Host Types Found!
Import Results
Cacti has imported the following items:
Import Host MIB OS Types
Import Device Types from Local File
Please specify the location of the CSV file containing your device type information.
Overwrite Existing Data?
Should the import process be allowed to overwrite existing data? Please note, this does not mean delete old row, only replace duplicate rows.
Allow Existing Rows to be Updated?
Required File Format Notes
The file must contain a header row with the following column headings.
A common name for the Host Type. For example, Windows 7
The OS version for the Host Type
A unique set of characters from the snmp sysDescr that uniquely identify this device
The vendor specific snmp sysObjectID that distinguishes this device from the next
The primary key for this table is a combination of the following two fields:
Therefore, if you attempt to import duplicate device types, the existing data will be updated with the new information.
The Host Type is determined by scanning its snmp agent for the sysObjectID and sysDescription and comparing it against values in the Host Types database. The first match that is found in the database is used aggregate Host data. Therefore, it is very important that you select valid sysObjectID, sysDescrMatch for your Hosts.
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