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Error starting client-server protocol 啟動客戶端 - 服務器協議時出錯
Daemon unable to append to log-file 守護程序無法附加到日誌文件
Error in socket I/O 套接字I / O出錯
Error in file I/O 文件I / O出錯
Error in rsync protocol data stream rsync協議數據流出錯
Errors with program diagnostics 程序診斷錯誤
Error in IPC code IPC代碼出錯
Some error returned by waitpid() waitpid()返回的一些錯誤
Error allocating core memory buffers 分配核心內存緩衝區時出錯
Partial transfer due to error 由於錯誤導致的部分轉移
Partial transfer due to vanished source files 由於源文件消失導致部分傳輸
The --max-delete limit stopped deletions --max-delete限制停止刪除
Timeout in data send/receive 數據發送/接收超時
Timeout waiting for daemon connection 超時等待守護程序連接
Unknown error 未知錯誤
Operation was successful 操作成功
General error in file copy 文件複製中的常規錯誤
Destination is not directory, but it should be 目標不是目錄,但它應該是
Maximum symlink level exceeded 超出最大符號鏈接級別
Connecting to host failed. 連接到主機失敗。
Connection broken 連接壞了
File does not exist 檔案不存在
No permission to access file. 無權訪問文件。
General error in sftp protocol sftp協議中的一般錯誤
File transfer protocol mismatch 文件傳輸協議不匹配
No file matches a given criteria 沒有文件符合給定條件
Host not allowed to connect 主機不允許連接
General error in ssh protocol ssh協議中的一般錯誤
Key exchange failed 密鑰交換失敗
Reserved 預訂
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