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This setting determines if Tree Devices and Site Templates and Devices will be expanded or not. If set to expanded, each host will have a sub-folder containing either Graph Templates or Data Query items. 此設置確定是否將擴展樹設備和站點模板和設備。如果設置為展開,則每個主機都將具有包含圖表模板或數據查詢項的子文件夾。
The Site for Cacti Graphs to be Exported from. 要導出的仙人掌圖的網站。
Graph Thumbnail Width 圖形縮略圖寬度
The default width of Thumbnail Graphs in pixels. 縮略圖的默認寬度(以像素為單位)。
Graph Thumbnail Height 圖表縮略圖高度
The height of Thumbnail Graphs in pixels. 縮略圖的高度(以像素為單位)。
Default View Thumbnails 默認視圖縮略圖
Check this if you want the default Graph View to be in Thumbnail mode. 如果您希望默認的Graph View處於縮略圖模式,請選中此項。
Default Graph Columns 默認圖表列
The number of columns to use by default when displaying Graphs. 顯示圖形時默認使用的列數。
Graphs Per Page 每頁圖表
Choose the number of Graphs Per Page to display. 選擇要顯示的每頁圖表數。
Maximum Graphs to Export 要導出的最大圖表
After this number is reached, an error will be generated, but exporting will continue. Set to 0 for no limit. 達到此數字後,將生成錯誤,但導出將繼續。設置為0表示無限制。
Export Location Information 導出位置信息
Export Thumbnails 出口時間
Check this if you want the export thumbnails mode. 如果您希望默認的Graph View處於縮略圖模式,請選中此項。
Clear Directory 出口目錄
Check this Checkbox if you wish this Graph Export to clear the final directory before populating. 如果希望啟用此圖形導出定義,請選中此復選框。
Export Directory 出口目錄
This is the directory, either on the local system or on the remote system, that will contain the exported data. 這是本地系統或遠程系統上將包含導出數據的目錄。
Local Scratch Directory 本地Scratch目錄
This is the directory that Cacti will temporarily store output prior to sending to the remote site via the transfer method. The contents of this directory will be deleted after the data is transferred. 這是Cacti在通過傳輸方法發送到遠程站點之前臨時存儲輸出的目錄。傳輸數據後,將刪除此目錄的內容。
Remote Options 遠程選項
Sanitize remote directory 清理遠程目錄
Check this if you want to delete any existing files in the FTP remote directory. This option is in use only when using the PHP built-in ftp functions. 如果要刪除FTP遠程目錄中的任何現有文件,請選中此項。僅在使用PHP內置ftp函數時才使用此選項。
Remote Host 遠程主機
Denotes the host to send Exported Graphs to. 表示主機將導出的圖形發送到。
Remote Port 遠程端口


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