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Filter on the select Destination Ports for in the Filter. This can be a comma delimited list of Destimation Ports. 在篩選器中選擇的目標端口上進行篩選。這可以是以逗號分隔的“目標端口”列表。
Dest Interface Dest接口
Filter on the select Destination Interface for in the Filter. This can be a comma delimited list of Destimation Interfaces. 在篩選器中選擇的目標接口上進行篩選。這可以是Destimation接口的逗號分隔列表。
Dest AS Dest AS
Filter on the select Destination AS for in the Filter. This can be a comma delimited list of Destimation AS's 在篩選器中選擇的目標AS上進行篩選。這可以是Destimation AS的逗號分隔列表
Delete 刪除
Device Name 設備名稱
Name of the device to be displayed. 要顯示的設備的名稱。
Collection Medhod 收集方法
There are two support collection methods, the first utilizes the legacy flow-tools binaries and the second leverages Cacti's own PHP based flow stream server. 有兩種支持收集方法,第一種利用舊版流程工具二進製文件,第二種利用Cacti自己的基於PHP的流服務器。
Allowed Host 允許的主機
IP Address of the device that is allowed to send to this flow collector. Leave as 0 for any host. 允許發送到此流收集器的設備的IP地址。對於任何主機,保留為0。
Port this collector will listen on. 端口這個收藏家會聽。
Click 'Continue' to delete the following Net-Flow Listeners. After which, you will need to restart your Flow-Capture Service. 單擊“繼續”以刪除以下Net-Flow偵聽器。之後,您需要重新啟動Flow-Capture服務。
Also, remember to remove any leftover files from your Net-Flow Capture location. 另外,請記住從Net-Flow Capture位置刪除任何剩余文件。
You must select at least one device. 您必須至少選擇一個設備。
Continue 繼續
Cancel 取消
Device [edit: %s] 設備[編輯:%s]
Device [new] 設備[新]
FlowView Listeners FlowView監聽器
Search 搜尋
Go 送出
Set/Refresh Filters 設置/刷新過濾器
Clear 清除
Clear Filters 清除過濾器
Listeners 成員
Name 名稱
Method 方法
Allowed From 允許來自
Status 狀態
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