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Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Found %s tables to convert 找到要轉換的%s表
Converting Table #%s '%s' 轉換錶#%s'%s'
No tables where found or selected for conversion 沒有找到或選擇要轉換的表
Switched from %s to %s 從%s切換到%s
NOTE: Using temporary file for db cache: %s 注意:使用臨時文件進行數據庫高速緩存:%s
Upgrading from v%s (DB %s) to v%s 從v%s(數據庫%s)升級到v%s
WARNING: Failed to find upgrade function for v%s 警告:無法找到v%s的升級功能
Install aborted due to no EULA acceptance 由於未接受EULA,安裝被中止
Background was already started at %s, this attempt at %s was skipped 後台已在%s開始,此嘗試已在%s跳過
Exception occurred during installation: #%s - %s 安裝期間發生異常:#
Installation was started at %s, completed at %s 安裝在%s開始,在%s完成
Both 兩者
No - %s %s Minutes
%s - No %s Minutes
Web 網頁
Cli 經典
Setting PHP Option %s = %s 設置PHP選項%s =%s
Failed to set PHP option %s, is %s (should be %s) 無法設置PHP選項%s,為%s(應為%s)
No Remote Data Collectors found for full syncronization 嘗試同步時找不到數據收集器
Authentication Success 認證成功
Authentication Failure 驗證失敗
PHP LDAP not enabled PHP LDAP未啟用
No username defined 沒有定義用戶名
Protocol Error, Unable to set version 協議錯誤,無法設置版本
Protocol Error, Unable to set referrals option 協議錯誤,無法設置引薦選項
Protocol Error, unable to start TLS communications 協議錯誤,無法啟動TLS通信
Protocol Error, General failure (%s) 協議錯誤,一般失敗(%s)
Protocol Error, Unable to bind, LDAP result: %s 協議錯誤,無法綁定,LDAP結果:%s
Unable to Connect to Server 無法連接到服務器
Connection Timeout 連接超時
Insufficient access 訪問不足
This translation Needs editing Cacti/core 經典
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Needs editing Cacti/core (v1.2.x) 經典
The following string has a different source, but the same context.
Needs editing Cacti/audit CLI


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